13 Jobs For Those Who Want to Help Others

It’s normal to want to change jobs, from time to time. The daily grind will get anyone down, no matter what the job entails! Sometimes, the desire to switch things up is only fleeting. It’s when that feeling persists that it’s time to start seriously thinking about changing your work. But if you want to leave your present job and career, then where do you turn? You could take the logical route, which says a job that involves helping other people – these jobs have been shown to bring a high level of satisfaction. Below, we take a look at thirteen wide-ranging options. This could be the year that you leave your present position and move to a job that brings you more happiness.

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Doctor, Doctor

This one will, admittedly, take plenty of hard work and commitment. But if you’re ready to dive into years of study and the chance to grab a high-paying, high-esteem job, then becoming a doctor could be for you. You’ll be helping plenty of people throughout the course of a single day, and will come away with many stories that make you think “now, aren’t humans interesting.” There are drawbacks to this line of work, of course, including long hours (at least in the beginning).

Nursing Staff

If you’re not willing to become a doctor, but still want to work in the healthcare system, then you could take a look at becoming a nurse. If you ask them, they’ll tell you that they’re arguably more important than the doctors! For sure, they’re a crucial aspect both of healthcare and making sure that the patient feels comfortable. The process of becoming a nurse requires much less time than becoming a doctor, too, and can also take you on overseas adventures, if you want to have a job that both helps others and brings with it the sense of possibility.

On the Front Line

Society needs people to respond when something bad happens. That could be the form of fighting fires, responding to a health issue, or making sure that the law is upheld. There are dangers involved in working in the emergency services, but it is a satisfying profession to be involved in. The other plus point is that there’s normally a lot of scope to rise through the ranks, and the retirement age and pension scheme is generally quite good, too.

Teeth Care

People need help with all kinds of things. It’s not just when a person is in obvious distress that they need someone else’s support. Take teeth. While there are situations when a person might need emergency dental care, it’s more likely that they’ll need just general teeth care. However, just because it’s not an emergency, that doesn’t mean it’s not important. A good dentist can keep the overall mouth area healthy, and also give people a confidence boost, if their self-esteem is affected by crooked or missing teeth.

Personal Trainer

We live in an age of self-improvement. People want to be the best version of themselves, but don’t always know how to do it. There are many people who join the gym, and even go, but don’t make the kinds of progress that they’d like to make. If you have an interest in health and fitness, then you could look at studying to become a certified personal trainer. Once you’re accredited, you’ll be able to offer your services in gyms and in people’s homes. There’s much satisfaction drawn from helping people reach their health goals. They’ll have done it thanks to you!

Decreasing Pains

Sometimes, it’s not that people need help becoming the healthiest, most active version of themselves. It’s that they already were like that, but suffered an injury, and are now in so much pain that they have to wait until their injury is healed. While some of that work will be conducted in hospitals, an important aspect of the recovery will be carried out by physiotherapists, who will help to alleviate the pain and nudge them closer to recovery. If that sounds like something that would interest you, then take a look at sports massage courses. Once you’ve passed, you’ll be able to work in a clinic or on a freelance basis.

Social Work

We live in a pretty large society, and while the ones who are obviously “successful” and settled receive the most attention, it’s always important to keep in mind that there are people who have slipped through the cracks, or who otherwise just need a little bit of help in order to become the best version of themselves. If you want to be a part of that process, then take a look at becoming a social worker. It’s a broad field, which includes working with people who have disabilities, youth offenders, or people with substance abuse issues. Unlike some of the other jobs listed here, social work is something that is relatively easy to get involved in; many jobs can be learned “as you go.” All you need is a positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and an enthusiasm to succeed.

In the Courts

There are systems in place that such nudge the world in a positive direction. But those systems have to be understand, argued, and implemented. This is where the court system comes in. While much of how society functions is dictated by politics, the next biggest arena is in the courts. If you want to help others, then becoming a lawyer is one of the best ways to go about it. Of course, some areas of law are better than others. A corporate lawyer, for example, is more likely to be an enemy of the people rather than for them – it’s a career that hurts more people than it helps. But if you’re looking to specialise in the environment, or human rights, or helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds, then you’ll have a lot of scope to help people.

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Teaching the Next Generation

Children have always been the future. If we want the world to be better tomorrow than it is today, then we need to ensure that the kids of the future are open-minded, tolerant, and well educated. This is where you can come in. While there are some downsides to becoming a teacher, especially in the UK, you’ll also have the opportunity to shape the minds of tomorrow. Whether you decide to teach younger children, teenagers, or at university level will depend on the type of environment you want to work, but you’ll have a chance to give back and help people find their path in life in all educational settings.

Mental Health Issues

It’s generally accepted that the world is moving in the right direction, but there are some worrying aspects of modern life that we need to be aware of. For starters, depression and other mental health conditions are on the rise, and we need professional people to help others overcome their problems. If you’re a naturally empathetic person who has an understanding of the troubles people can go through, then you might want to look at training to become a therapist. With depression and depression related issues expected to become the biggest health concern by 2030, there’ll be no shortage of people who need help.

Third Sector Jobs

People generally think that all jobs are divided into private or public jobs, but there is a whole other sector out there – indeed, it’s called the third sector. These are charities and NGOs who fight to make the world a better place (well, usually). If you want to avoid the red tape that comes from working for a government agency or the dog eat dog aspect of the corporate world, then the third sector might be the way to go. Because competition is fierce, experience is key. Think about issues that are close to your heart, and get in touch with related organisations to see what help they need.

In Politics

People often have a negative view of politics, and politicians in general. However, while there are, undoubtedly, some less than stellar characters working in the halls of the power, the majority of people who devote their lives to public service have the people’s best interests at heart. And, of course, it’s an influential sphere when it comes to helping other people. One thing to remember about politics is that it’s not as difficult an area to enter as you might think. If you’re determined to become a politician, you might just find that it’s possible. Even if you’re not elected, just being involved in the process can have an impact, if you put a spotlight on the issues that need to be discussed.

Solving a Problem

Finally, if you want to help others, look at starting a business. Private enterprises have pushed the world forward in any number of ways. Think of an issue that you’d like to address (let’s say, helping the environment), and look at creating a company that addresses that issue. You’ll be working on something you believe in, and helping the world. Win-win!

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