How to crack Pinterest as a blogger

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As a blogger, there are so many different social media platforms to work on it can get a little overwhelming! However, if you just tackle one at a time, it all becomes a little more manageable.

Today I am going to take you through some simple steps to crack Pinterest as a blogger.

Pinterest was something that completely baffled me last year, it is a platform I love for finding inspiration and ideas but I had no idea how to get it to work for my blog. Then at the end of August, I decided to really focus on it all and the results from there have been a little bit shocking!

I started out on a reach of 5,000 a month to now being at a reach of 845,000 a month. My page views from Pinterest have also increased, I am getting more traffic a day than I was in a whole month before I started focusing on this.

So what simple steps have I implemented to achieve this?

  1. Content is the key – This is the one thing I have found really hard with my blog, how do you make review posts look pretty and clickable? By far my posts about finances and recipes have been the most popular. Focus your time on ensuring your content is great and appealing to your audience.
  2. Make it catchy – Headline-grabbers are always popular – in a crowded network make sure your posts are standing out with clickbait titles.
  3. Images are everything – This has been one of my biggest learning curves, my blog images were just not cutting it in Pinterest. Making sure your pins are vertical is super important but not only that make sure they stand out. Play around in Canva to find a theme to call your own and use it in all your posts. Try and use a consistent colour scheme and fonts across your post images.
  4. Join the tribe – I wrote about Tailwind at the end of last year and it is still one of my favourite scheduling tools. One thing I love about it is the Tribe section, join other bloggers to share your content and in return share theirs. I have a blogging tribe for all posts which you can find here and recently I just started a new one all about food (yummy!).
  5. Get organised with Tailwind – Like I said above, Tailwind is one of my favourite scheduling tools. I plan and pin at least 10 days in advance and then just add my new content when I’m ready, shuffling the content as I go. It also has lots of handy scheduling tools and reports to help ensure you are pinning the right content. You can read all of my favourite features here.
  6. Pin regularly – This is an important point! Pinning a couple of images one night and then nothing for a week is not going to increase your traffic. Using the above to get organised I pin at least 50 pins a day throughout the day.

This is just a really quick run-down on the methods I have been using to work on increasing my Pinterest reach. Over the next few months, I will break down each point a little more to show you just how I do each one and what I have learnt works and more importantly doesn’t work.

Let’s face it we have better things to do other than waste time on things that don’t work! Shell Louise has a great post on how Tailwind helped her Pinterest strategy too, you can read that here.

For now, though I hope these steps help get you started on your Pinterest journey.

How to crack Pinterest as a blogger

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link