Gel nails at home with Mylee complete professional gel nail kit

Before Christmas I treated myself to a Mylee gel nail kit, thinking I’d do my nails every few weeks and they would look salon quality. Sadly at that point, I underestimated my skill level and patience! Back in the box, it went and then fast forward another 4 months and we were in lockdown.

I hadn’t had gels on for a while but wanted a little pick me up to bring a little joy in a tough few weeks. Surprisingly, it went well the first time and they looked OK. Since then I have done them again and I thought it would be a good time to share my thought on the Mylee complete professional gel nail kit that I have been using.

This Mylee Complete Professional Gel Nail Polish LED Lamp Kit comes with everything you need to get yourself started on your home nail kit. It was a little cheaper when I brought it before Christmas than it is currently so it may be worth looking around or waiting for it to go on offer. In the kit you get the following items:

  • Mylee Pro Salon Series Convex Curing LED Lamp
  • MyGel Top & Base Coat, 10ml
  • Mylee Prep & Wipe, 250ml
  • Mylee Gel Remover, 250ml
  • 4 of our most popular MyGel colours
  • Mylee Nail & Cuticle Oil 50ml
  • 100 Mylee Cotton Wipes
  • Mylee Metal Cuticle Pusher
  • Mylee Nail Buffing Block

In the kit you get easy to follow instructions, so if like me you are not used to doing your nails just follow them step by step.

Gel nails at home with tht Mylee complete professional gel nail kit

The curing lamp comes with 3 different timing options which are a sensor button, for the main coats it is advised to use 30 seconds and the topcoat is 60 seconds. This part is relatively easy to do as the buttons are easy to reach on the back. It took a few attempts to get used to putting thinner layers of the polish on, less is most definitely better.

It is not the quickest of things to do, so make sure you give yourself time and peace to get it done. However, once you have them done they do look great.

Gel nails at home with tht Mylee complete professional gel nail kit

I think this was the biggest error I made the first time around. On the first set, I did manage to chip the polish but other than that they have looked great. Since I have brought this kit I have added to my colour collection and taking a little time out every few weeks to do my nails has been great.

Overall now I’ve taken the time to sit and do my nails, I have found this kit to be easy to use and I love that little bit of pampering time now. The only thing I really do not like about having gel nails is the removal of them. After a few attempts to get them off, I did a little research into the best way to get them off. It was here I came across the new Mylee Magic Gel Remover. I am going to do a separate review on this next week so watch out for that to find out how it went.

Gel nails at home with Mylee complete professional gel nail kit

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