3 Essential Must-Haves for Working Mums

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More than three-quarters of women in the UK are mothers engaged in one form of work or the other. Life as a working mom can be quite daunting and can easily be compared to having two full-time jobs. It takes a conscious effort to balance both family life and work to get it right. Even with that, the feeling of not having done enough is real for this group. It helps to have some essential things to ease the daily tension on a working mom and relieve all the added pressure. Here are a few must-haves:

  • A functional car

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A functional car is an absolute necessity for working moms as they commute between home, the grocery store, and the workplace. The list of daily commutes can be even more demanding based on what the working mom is engaged in. Additionally, depending on other prior arrangements, she may be the only one responsible for dropping and picking up kids from school or the day-care.

The emphasis on ‘functional’ cars for working moms can’t be highlighted enough, as the vehicle must have an engine capacity that corresponds with their budget. Additionally, it must be sizeable and roomy enough to accommodate their brood. Fortunately, the UK has many vehicle dealerships that make it easier to purchase one. Besides, you may want to go economical with the type of automobile you want. In this case, check out some used cars for sale.

  • Safe child car seats for kids 

According to UK law, children up to the age of twelve years must use a child seat at all times in the vehicle. In further specifications, it states that the child in question must be 135 centimetres tall. On the other hand, if your child has already attained this specified height but is not yet twelve years old, he or she may not be required to use a child car seat, but they must remain in the back seat with a safety belt secured. Fortunately, you can choose your child’s car seat based on their height and weight.

For a working mom, this is a must-have in your vehicle. Safety should always be a priority when you have to drive around with your kids. In the UK, road traffic accidents account for many deaths annually including children aged 0-15 years. According to the UK’s State of Child Health, 4,090 minors were killed in vehicular accidents between 2013 to 2017.

  • A car organiser

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Structure and order are two key elements you’ll be thankful for as a busy mom, and your home can’t be the only place to have these two. Your regular car needs that as well; a car organiser allows you to always have everything handy without having to dig through piles of files and baby bags to find something. Where you keep the organiser in the car will depend on your kids’ age(s). If they’re older, an easily accessible car organiser in the centre console is best. However, if you’re dealing with minors, you’ll have to resort to fixing it behind their seats. Depending on the car model you drive, the booth can be the best choice.

Your life can indeed be busy but still organised if you make the deliberate effort to have some essentials.

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