3 Healthy Meals Mums Can Cook For Kids

People often wonder what it’s like to be a chef, and cook for esteemed guests at a Michelin Star restaurant. Well, truth be told, cooking for your children at home can be a much more exhausting task. Believe it or not, you have to be at the top of your cooking game when preparing a meal for the little ones at home. The slightest of flaws in the meal selection or preparation can lead to one of the most difficult days in your family life. The last thing you want in your busy life is to have your children stage a mutiny against you. 

How can you perfect your cooking? Pleasing kids is not easy. You need to keep a balance between how healthy and how delicious their meals are. The trick is to be well versed in recipes that specifically cater to the needs of children. 

Keep them busy with those little gems from Toys R Us and get to work in the kitchen with these 3 mouth-watering healthy meals that your kids will love. 

1) Dinner Meat Loaf Muffins 

The name of this dish alone is scrumptious enough to get your kids rushing to the dining table. This dish basically consists of a giant meatloaf that is shaped into a muffin. Each “muffin” shouldn’t have more than 150 calories, and should be sprinkled with a generous amount of finely chopped carrots and onions. That’s a superb way to hide the fibre in their endeared meaty food. For high quality protein, use only extra lean ground beef. Serve this with a side of wedges and a chilled orange juice. 

2) Sliders Dressed with Shallot and Dijon Relish 

Sliders are the perfect mini burgers for your children. Since burgers are synonymous with junk food, the challenge here is to make these baby buns of goodness as healthy as possible. Once again, use extra lean ground beef to keep the calories in check. As for condiments, try to place low-fat cheese, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce in between the buns. To give the burgers oomph, go for home made Shallot and Dijon relish. These mini appetizers would go really well with homemade strawberry milkshake. 

3) Tofu Bites 

Enough of the beef already. You need to diversify the palette of your children and let them know that meat isn’t the only source of protein. Besides high quality protein, tofu is a great source of fibre, fat, calcium, iron and folic acid. If your kids are not too high on tofu, then you may want to coat the tofu cuts with some honey to appeal to their sweet tooth. Don’t be worried about the amount of sugar in the tofu bites. A glass of sweet cranberry juice would be a perfect addition to this appetizing meal. 

These are only 3 examples of the best meals that you can prepare for your children. There are hundreds, and perhaps thousands of other recipes that you can try out. Even if the recipes don’t work out as planned, you can always resort to plan B.  Log into www.voucherbin.co.uk, find the best pizza deals in town and save yourself from little ones’ mutiny. 

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