4 Ways to Enjoy Your Green Thumb

4 Ways to Enjoy Your Green Thumb

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There’s something magical about plants. From the ones we eat in our diets to the ones we could stare at for hours on end, plants have transfixed humanity since time immemorial. As such, it’s only natural that many people love to garden, farm, and cultivate plants in their homes and for their jobs.

Whether you’re using your green thumb to start a new career or you’re finally investing in some outdoor and indoor plants, here are a few engaging ways that you can make the most of your affinity for plants.

Liven up your household.

4 Ways to Enjoy Your Green Thumb

With the right indoor and outdoor plants, you can turn your home into a chic living space, a bohemian retreat, or a quiet cottage. Plants bring their own aesthetic charms that can draw the eye and brighten up your living space in ways you might not have imagined. For instance, a piece of trellis and a healthy ivy can make for a unique, eco-conscious privacy wall. Similarly, indoor plants can help liven up your home office, living room, or kitchen.

You can buy house plants, outdoor plants, or a mixture of both. Often, container plants are a good starting spot unless you have previous experience with garden plants. You can also start small container gardens or talk to nursery workers about what greenery works best for your home or your patio. So whether you’re looking for indoor plants that enjoy full sun or house plants that’ll live through the winter, the right indoor and outdoor plants can liven up your household.

Turn it into a career.

Between working on a reservation to getting a degree in environmental science, there are plenty of ways to turn your green thumb into a fabulous career opportunity. For instance, if you enjoy being outdoors and working with foliage, you may want to look into employment in the forestry industry. Similarly, if you work well with hemp plants, you could consider starting a CBD product line.

There are also roles working with agroforestry, sustainable land-use systems, reforestation, and water quality. You can work in the field or an urban environment. You can study new plants, learn more about the perennials and annuals, and find ways to incorporate sustainable management into your career principles. Plants as a career? Sounds perfect! Where do you sign up?

You can brighten up someone’s day.

4 Ways to Enjoy Your Green Thumb

Whether you’re picking the perfect bloom for a friend’s backyard or you’re propagating a new growth to give to your mom, plants make for excellent gifts. Watching the bulbs you gave someone bloom or seeing houseplants on their kitchen counter is an amazing feeling. Plus, every time your loved ones see the plants you gave them, they’ll think of you.

Plant gifts are excellent for housewarming parties, birthdays, and other special events. As long as you set and stick to a specific budget when you’re buying a plant gift, it’s also an especially affordable option for gift-givers. As a rule of thumb, it usually isn’t a good idea to buy high-maintenance plants as gifts. Instead, look for ones that don’t need much sun or only require infrequent water.

Grow your own food.

While it may take time to reach sustainability, there are still plenty of reasons to take a farm-to-table approach to some of your food. Even if you live in a smaller apartment, you can easily set up a small herb garden or place a container of vegetable plants outside of one of your windows. By growing your own food, you’ll appreciate your vegetables and produce that much more.

With these tips in mind, it’s that much easier to make the most of your plant-based abilities. From growing your own food to picking out the perfect floral arrangement for a gift, there are unlimited ways to enjoy plants.