*Sponsored Video* TomTom’s Map Paradise Project

TomTom are offering 5 families or groups of friends the most amazing opportunity of their lifetime. You have the chance to help them map one of 5 tropical islands for two weeks but not only that, they will pay you €10000.00 for the pleasure of doing it! Take a look at this video to hear what an amazing experience this would be.

We are always using a TomTom as our sense of directions is pretty bad! I never realised though that they needed people to actually drive the routes to map them, though it makes sense!

The thought of being flown to an island to drive around exploring is a once in a lifetime experience. Imagine all of the amazing things you would be able to show the children, quiet possibly something we would never be able to afford to do it and they will pay you for your effort!

Think of the sense of adventure you would have with the kids taking them on this trip. It’s a chance to experience the local culture, new foods & new smells. Not to mention the sun, sea & snorkelling you can do. I think that beats the British seaside & weather any day!

TomTom need 5 of the worlds most beautiful islands mapped, Fiji, St Lucia, Mauritius, Cape Verde, and the Seychelles. Imagine being there? Then enter now!

This post has been sponsored by TomTom, but all thoughts are our own.

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