All grown up & enjoying pre-school

It’s a little over a year now since Kayleigh started pre-school and what a transformation it has been.

Kayleigh was always a nervous child around people, I’m not sure why as we attended lots of classes and groups whilst on maternity leave & on the Friday I had off.

As soon as she was due to start pre-school I know there would be issues and there was. However what a difference a year makes. Kayleigh absolutely loves going to pre-school now, she can’t wait to get there! Not only is she enjoying being there she is also learning so much.

In 12 months she has learnt shapes & colours. Plus the alphabet & counting to 20. Then there are the different country weeks where they have learnt about the countries that families of the pre-school children come from, not only did they learn about the countries they also tried the different food from there too 🙂

Most of all though I love her interaction, she now chats to the other children, she joins in with the games & she comes out beaming telling me all about her day.

Next January Ethan will be joining her too 🙂

That mean’s later this year I will need to go on the hunt for kids school uniform for a 2 1/2 year old little boy, he’s going to look so tiny compared to the other children. I remember the first day Kayleigh went to school in her little school uniform, she looked tiny. I couldn’t believe how cute she looked though.

Like Kayleigh I know Ethan is going to love going, when we pick Kayleigh up now he tries to run through the door to get in! There have been times when I’ve had to sort a few things out for Kayleigh and he’s come in with me & without a care in the world he’s ran off to play and join in.

It would appear my little babies are all grown up, far too quick!

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