5 Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

Your closest friends are moving into their new home and have called you over. Shouldn’t you take along something nice as a gift to adorn their new home? Should you buy a practical gift that they can use every now and then, or a decorative one that will sit on their coffee table? It’s a toss-up for you, but here are a few housewarming gift ideas you can consider: 

  1. A bouquet of beautiful flowers: Flowers are perhaps one of the best gifts that can brighten up anyone’s day, so why not say it with flowers? Not only is a bouquet original, they convey your sweet thoughts and feelings to your friends. They also lend color and beauty to the environment, apart from fragrance, enriching the home. If you’re unsure of what to get, talk to your florist or see what you can find online since most will have a really good range of things to show you. (If you happen to be Down Under, check out Flowers Across Sydney)
  1. Plants: If not a bouquet, you can extend the idea to present your friends with plants, particularly if they are green-thumbed. A set of gardening tools or indoor plants like bonsai, exotic ferns or other plants that could add zing to the room, would be great. If, on the other hand, they are interested in starting a herb and veggie garden at home, you could give them a starter pack with all the necessary saplings and tools.
  1. Silverware: If your friends have parties frequently, why not add to their cutlery or crockery collection? It would certainly take them a long way. For instance, you could gift them a bar set, or a dessert set or a set of cutlery for formal occasions. You can also make a big splash by choosing them in silver, which would be classy and highly appreciated. Dessert trays, salvers, platters in contemporary or traditional designs could also be given.
  1. Furniture: How about a Lazyboy or a rocking chair to adorn their bedroom? This could be great for them to sink into on a very tiring day or just when lazing around. Else, you could choose to gift them a dining table set, sofa set, coffee table or a study table. Even an intricately designed room divider or screen would make a great gift. So, think about it.
  1. Gift Baskets: Another way of choosing a gift is to personalize it to suit their personal style. In such a case, it’s wise to gift them a basket of gourmet tea or coffee and perhaps a selection of cheese, sauces, desserts and other foods they like to eat. If you’re looking to give a distinctive gift that compliments their taste and style, than consider a gift basket. If you are a close friend, you will know what to add in to customize the contents of the basket.


To list just the top five gifts is indeed very difficult because there are so many other things that would also make great gifts. For instance, if a lady friend is moving into her new home, you can always gift her a bit of jewelry, cash or a cooking appliance. For couples, bed linen is also a practical choice. So, your choices are many and varied. All you need to do is to look around and decide.

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