5 Crafting Traditions To Start With The Family

Family traditions are important as they provide both quality time together and produce a source of identity for yourself and your kids that can then be passed on through generations. If crafting is your thing, what would be better than making those traditions craft based? Not only is this special bonding time with the kids, but also a chance to teach them new skills. Here are some ideas to get the family’s creative juices flowing.


The detail is in the decoration 

Events such as Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween or Easter provide ample opportunity for crafting. Fill your store cupboard with craft supplies from Craft Superstore, then when an event comes around you can save your pennies and add your own personal touch to the décor. It will also add to the excitement and build-up of the event when the whole family sit down together and really get in the spirit.  


Homemade cards

When it comes to a friend or relatives birthday, instead of picking the first card you see and quickly scribbling in it, why not create something that is both personal and unique? Take just an hour or so out of the day to sit down as a family and discuss the event – who is it for, what’s the occasion, and what are their interests? Then use this to create the perfect card that will mean much more to them than anything you can buy from the shop. Plus you can include your own personal message rather than a generic one that everyone receives. 


Perfect presents 

You have created a unique card, so send it alongside a one-of-a-kind present! 
You could craft the actual present, something that will symbolise it or some quirky packaging. This could be anything from a handmade ornament for a newborn baby, to a handcrafted airplane with clues to the newlywedshoneymoon destination, or lovingly crafted wrapping paper and gift tags to attach to the present. 


A handmade home 

Set aside a Saturday or Sunday afternoon perhaps once a month (or as little and often as you wish) and produce something for your home – whether this is something useful that you will use daily or something to decorate your house. From pillowcases to candle holders, personal place settings for a family meal to a unique photo frame that will become home to your favourite family photo. 


Recyclable crafting 

Again, choose how often this occurs and give each member of the family something that they have to save for their crafting. This could be ice lolly sticks, plastic bottles, cereal boxes, tin cans or lids. Encourage them to keep toys they would otherwise have thrown away and save old items yourselfThen use the recycling to create something brand newFor example, if you have an old CD it could be turned into a sparkly sun catcher or broken up to create a tiled frame. 

This will not only be a fun way to keep the crafting ongoing as the kids collect their materials, it will also teach them that it doesn’t necessarily have to mean the end of a product when they believe they have finished with it. 


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