5 date night ideas for busy parents

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As a parent, sometimes life can get in the way and things such as date nights might not be top of your list of things to do. However, taking time out as a couple is just as important as everything else and we have some great date night ideas for busy parents to consider.

Getting childcare might not be an option for you, so with this in mind, although you might not be looking at Shropshire dating, we have come up with some ideas for you to enjoy at home. The key thing to any of these date night ideas, they may not go to plan, when kids are involved, we have always learned to expect the unexpected.

5 date night ideas

Spa day at home – Why not set the scene at home for a little pamper session for you both. Even if it is not blissful countryside views and peace, giving yourself some time out to pamper yourselves is a great way to relax in each other’s company. You can light some candles, dim some lights and just relax with a face mask and a foot spa, or even take a long soak in the bath. Whatever you plan, the key thing is to enjoy every second of the peace!

Movie night – Is there a movie that you have both waited to see or one that you missed in the cinema? Why not arrange to stream the movie at home on something like Amazon Prime or Netflix, whilst getting in your favourite takeaway and drink? Just sitting down together with your favourite food and drink will allow you to unwind together.

Games night – Whether you are a fan of board games or computer games, why not set yourselves up for a games night with your favourite game. You can get yourselves some of your favourite snacks in and spend time together completing your favourite games.

Dinner date – Do you think you are a Masterchef level chef or even just one to make a mean steak and chips? Either way, set the table, get dressed up, light the candles and enjoy a dinner date for two. Picking something your partner loves to eat and finishing it with a cocktail, can create that dinner out experience in the comfort of your own home. Taking time to enjoy your meal and each other’s company is just as important as the actual meal you are enjoying.

Picnic under the stars – Whilst the weather is warm, how about something a little different such as a picnic under the stars. Taking out some amazing food such as these delicious picnic quiches, some continental meats and maybe some fresh bread. Sitting outdoors in your garden allows you to be close to home but feel like you are away from home enjoying the great outdoors. You can set the atmosphere with some beautiful candles, a picnic blanket, and soft music.

These are just a few options for dates nights for busy parents if however, you are still looking for someone to enjoy date nights with. why not check out Shropshire dating to see if you can find someone to take some time out with.

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