5 Must Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Unless you’re naturally a very clean and tidy person, it can be hard to stay on top of all the cleaning that needs to be done around the home. According to the Daily Mail, a recent study revealed that 43 per cent of men admit they usually do a bad job of the household chores deliberately so their other halves don’t ask them to do it again!

Many of the men surveyed admitted to just squirting a bit of bleach down the toilet instead of cleaning it properly, leaving smears on shower glass, windows and mirrors, and dusting around objects instead of moving them. With this in mind, below are five of the best and easiest tips to tackle your household cleaning. Even the laziest of men are capable of doing these!

Remove pet hair around the home

If you have dogs or cats, you’ll know it can be extremely difficult and frustrating to keep your home clean and free of hair. Turns out your squeegee isn’t just useful at keeping your windows squeaky clean; it’s also a quick and easy way to wipe pet hair off of your carpet or sofa. Alternatively, just put on a wet rubber glove and wipe your hand over the hair-covered surface – the damp rubber is like a magnet to pet hair!

Add a toothbrush to your toolkit

The humble toothbrush is the ultimate all-purpose cleaning gadget for the bathroom and kitchen. Add it to your cleaning kit along with Click Cleaning supplies and see how it can help tackle the toughest grime in the tightest of corners. It can be used to scrub between tiles and floors, and is also effective in cleaning appliances and vents.

Keep your mattress fresh

Our beds collect their fair share of debris and dirt each week, so as well as changing sheets and duvets, it is essential to keep your mattress clean. Vacuum it once a month, clean up spills immediately and turn it over every few weeks. Also ensure your mattress is properly dried after it has been cleaned as it could develop into mould over time.

Eliminate fridge odour

Is there a bad smell coming from the fridge? Your coffee addiction can actually be put to good use when it comes to cleaning it! Eliminate those bad odours in your refrigerator by simply placing some old or new coffee grounds in a bowl on a shelf. Alternatively, use unscented chlorophyll cat litter and the smells should leave within a few days.

Make use of the microwave

You may not know it, but your microwave also has multiple cleaning benefits. According to Reader’s Digest, the microwave can be used to sterilize your kitchen sponges. Just pour a dash of white vinegar or lemon juice in a bowl of water, soak the sponge, and then heat it in the microwave on high for a minute. You can also do the same with your cutting boards if they are microwaveable.

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