5 Obvious Indicators You’re Ready to Say I do

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In relationships, everyone has expectations; one of those could be that it will lead to marriage. While some have expectations of walking down the altar, others don’t. It is therefore essential to be clear about your intentions with your partner from the get-go. Regardless, marriage is not something to rush into or take lightly. When you or your partner is ready, you will know. Here are a few apparent indicators that you’re prepared to tie the knot.

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You often talk about future wedding plans and dreams

When you start looking at wedding magazines and suitable venues, you’re ready to say I do. At the same time, it’s normal to sometimes fantasize about a future wedding; talking about it as if it’s happening soon and going to the extent of looking up ideas is a clear indication you’ve given it a lot of thought. However, ensure that you’re not just trying to reach a goal or help your partner reach it. Be more interested in your partner than the idea of getting married.

You’ve introduced your partner to your family

In a relationship, especially when you’ve just started dating, you never know when it’s too soon or too late to introduce your partner to your family. Introductions to the family are particularly sensitive and sometimes awkward.

You may introduce them to your cousins, brother or sister on a light note; however, meeting everyone, including your parents, indicates that you’re serious about your significant other and ready to tie the knot. Ensure you discuss it at length before making any plans so that your partner doesn’t feel ambushed.

You’re engaged

If you and your significant other are already engaged, it’s only a matter of time before you say I do. Similarly, if you’ve been engaged before but never made it to the altar, you might be looking forward to that moment in your next relationship. However, it would help if you didn’t rush to avoid the same heartache. Discuss things with your partner and gauge where their mind is so that you remain on the same page.

You’re thinking of moving in together

Many people are very cautious of who they allow into their space, even if it is their significant other. If you’re ready to apply for a UK fiancé visa and move to another city to live with your significant other, it’s an obvious indicator that you’re prepared to settle. Despite dating for long, it’s necessary to know if your partner is comfortable moving in as a couple.

You have long term plans together

When you’re new in a relationship, it’s okay to take things slow. You can make plans for your next date or change at the last minute. However, when you’ve been in a relationship for an extended period, you start making long-term plans that involve the future. When you start having conversations about kids, travelling, and building a home, you’re ready to tie the knot.

Marriage is a fantastic journey, but it has its highs and lows. Before you tie the knot, ensure that you’re both ready. Look into signs such as getting engaged, moving in together, making introductions to the family, and making long-term plans together to have a stress-free wedding.