5 things that all new female weightlifters need to know

#Collaborative post

As society slowly but surely changes its outdated views and perceptions, it’s been wonderful to see the increase in women who want to learn more about weight training to become regular around the weight machines and free weight areas at their local gyms. 

But with this exciting new wave of female weightlifters comes a lot of questions and concerns before a single rep has been busted out. It’s perfectly understandable, especially when the majority of gyms are so male-centric when it comes to lifting. 

Here are 5 things that all novice women weightlifters need to know before they begin to make that first step into this new world and smash their goals.

Working with a Personal Trainer can make a huge difference

It’s common for people who really want to make a permanent change to their lives to enlist the help of a trainer. And when you see the results, it’s easy to understand why!

For example, a Personal Trainer in central London might not be free, but you’d better believe they’re going to inspire and encourage you each and every step of the way. Sometimes, that support unit around you can be the difference between achieving your goals and completely abandoning them after a few weeks.

The right playlist can push you a little further 

A good playlist of iron-pumping beats can rev you up and keep you pushing for that final set. Try to keep a varied playlist for every occasion. Leg day, upper body training, or a morning workout playlist to give you a boost on those dull Monday mornings. 

In no time, lifting will feel less of a chore and more of a thing you simply cannot wait to go and do. Perception is everything, and nothing boosts a mood quite like your favourite songs. 

Keep your long-term goals in mind 

Patience is certainly a virtue when it comes to weightlifting. If you keep to your regime, eat right, and dedicate yourself, you will absolutely see results. But like anything worth having in life, it takes time to see those results come to fruition. 

Don’t be discouraged, and keep your goals in mind. Little victories along the way lead to big ones in the future. Stay focused and stick to your routine!

Heavy squats may cause you to urinate a little

This is important to acknowledge. Why? Because it’s very common for women to urinate themselves a little bit during a heavy squat session. In fact, there are plenty of other bodily occurrences that’ll happen to you when you’re pushing your body. It’s a part of lifting, and no one will think any less of you for doing it! 

Lifting with other women is far more rewarding 

This leads us to the next thing to remember. Sometimes it’s more fun and rewarding to lift with other women. And if you’re all in it together, the chances of you keeping on track can increase considerably. Believe it or not, many social circles are formed while pumping iron, and most women you’ll find lifting are more than happy to encourage a newbie.