6 Child-Friendly Activities Inspired By Yesteryear

How is it 2021 already? Although pretty much everyone is happy to see the back of 2020, it does seem like time is just zooming forward and, with all of the technological advancements in the last few years, sometimes it can feel like your kids miss out on the ‘simpler’ life of the past.

Sure, not everything about the past was rosy, and things like advancements in medicine and general standards of living (COVID aside) are definitely better than they were 50 or more years ago, but there are definitely things that some parents miss, and a few things they feel like their kids will miss out on too.

With a huge movement towards individual gaming and increased screen time – which can be harmful to your children – it can feel like you’ve lost that community spirit of the past that makes everyone look back with rosy coloured glasses.

With that in mind, here are six activities to do with your kids that are fully inspired by yesteryear, a time when (almost) everything was rosy!

Play Some Arcade Games

Arcade games are the best! Who doesn’t have fond memories of Space Invaders or PacMan tournaments?

Take a look at the great selection of retro arcade games from homeleisuredirect.com, and treat your kids to some good old-fashioned gaming fun.

Go Camping

If you’ve had a little too much of being stuck inside staring at a screen over the last year perhaps it’s a good idea to pack the kids off camping for the weekend.

You can either go back-to-basics or even add some high-tech fun to your retro activity, it’s your weekend, you enjoy it your way.

Take Them Roller Skating

Have you taught your kids how to roller skate? This fun form of exercise has fallen out of favour in the last few years, but it really doesn’t need to!

Get a good pair of skates for yourself and your kids, and don’t forget the pads and helmet to keep the fun safe.

Tell Ghost Stories

Nothing says old fashioned fun quite like some spooky ghost stories, and these are perfect for the darker time of year when the weather isn’t great.

Grab a torch and hunker down inside to tell tales of the ghost ship pirates and old miners. This is a perfect activity for Halloween and beyond.

Learn The Slingshot

Cowboys and Indians not your thing? Are cops and robbers not feeling quite right? Take it outside and give the slingshot a go.

This tricky to master little device can be easily made from a bit of forked wood, some leather, and some rubber bands (you can also buy premade ones from most kids stores) and it’s a great activity for kids.

Set them up with some empty cans and small stones to launch for hours of fun.

Build A Fort

Building a fort is much more than just slinging a blanket over a few chairs, it’s all in the setup. Combine fort building with ghost stories outside for added evening fun with the kids.

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