7 Best wedding favours

Weddings can be expensive and there are some things that you buy but there are no hard and fast rules on what you should get and how much you should spend, like favours for example.

We had no idea just what was out there in terms of wedding favours when we got married, or the costs that would come with some of them.

So if you are planning your wedding and are at the stage for wedding favours take a deep breath and read on, I am going to introduce you to 7 of the best wedding favour ideas that are a break away from the sugared almonds but still going to be loved none the less.

Minatare alcohol – You can get a wide selection of miniature bottles from Just Miniatures such as gin, vodka and whisky. This will keep your adult party members pleased as they can toast to your big day in style!

Doughnuts – I love doughnuts and to be honest I wish these were around when we got married! Krispy Kreme now let you create the perfect wedding favour for those with a sweet tooth, they can also do personalised boxes too! You can read more on that here.

Personalised wedding candles – If you want to leave your guest with the scent of your wedding day, these personalised wedding candles are the perfect treat. Your guests can leave the day and enjoy their gift for days to follow.

Scratch cards – If you are the generous type why not treat your guests to a scratch card, you never know they might be the lucky winner and share their prize with you as the new bride and groom!

Donation to a charity – If you have a charity close to your heart why not make a donation to your charity on behalf of each guest and leave them a little note to say you have. Some charities even do special pins too so this has been done. It is a lovely gesture for the charity too.

Personalised sweets – Love Hearts offer you the chance to personalise your sweet packets which can double up as a great name place. They are not that expensive either and are sure to go down a storm with your guest young and old. You can view their range of favours here.

Flower seeds – As your love blossoms so can your guests garden with flower seeds favours, this is such a cute way to remind your family and friends of your special day but also give back to the environment too. There is a selection of flowers etc for you to choose from, here are some examples.

Whichever option you choose to go for just make sure you pick something that suits you as a couple after all this is about your big day.

Don’t fret about it too much either, pick something that you love and your family and friends are sure to love it too.

7 best wedding favour ideas


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