7 Decorating Trends that Will Mark 2022, According to Pinterest

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Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration for interior designers, accurately predicting some of 2021’s most popular decorating trends.

With 2022 around the corner (how time flies!), we thought it prudent to jump the gun and see what they’re predicting for 2022.

These are the seven decorating trends that will mark 2022, according to Pinterest:

  1. Beige colour schemes

2022 will be the year of beige hues that give a cosy, natural feel to homes. Beiges are warmer than greys with a sweet vibe reminiscent of caramel, going beautifully with soft furnishings in modern and traditional homes.

On the RAL colour chart, RAL 1001 (Beige) and RAL 1002 (Sand Yellow) are tipped to be the most popular colours, with RAL 1014 (Ivory) also popular.

You can match beiges with whites and greys to create sophisticated interiors that go beyond the ordinary. Feature walls are an excellent application for beige paint, or you could go for a textured wallpaper with different shades of beige.

  1. Green and grey

7 Decorating Trends that Will Mark 2022, According to PinterestPictured: Shire Beds Eco Grand Divan Bed, Available from Bedstar The Online Bed Superstore.

For those who don’t like beige, green and grey are tipped to be the most popular colour scheme in 2022. Pastel greens and greys work together beautifully, helping to brighten up rooms while maintaining a sophisticated edge.

If you don’t like green, any pastel colour with grey works well – pastel yellow and grey and pastel pink and grey are two of our favourite colour schemes!

  1. Divan beds

Divan beds will replace traditional bed frames as people seek more innovative bedroom storage. Divan beds have in-built drawers with no frame protrusion, making them an excellent choice for maximising floor space and tidying things up.

7 Decorating Trends that Will Mark 2022, According to Pinterest

Pictured: Silentnight Geltex 3000 Affluent Divan Bed, Available from Bedstar The Online Bed Superstore.

The growing decorating trend for minimalism and clean lines plays into the hands of divan beds, which are non-fussy and available in multiple colours.

Divan beds also work well in kid’s bedrooms and spare bedrooms. Look for divan beds with soft textures and quilted fabrics.

  1. Wood slatted décor

Wood slatted décor will make a return to homes in 2022 as designers look to harness nature. Wood slatted walls are a feature borrowed from Scandinavian design with clean lines and simple, eco-friendly materials.

7 Decorating Trends that Will Mark 2022, According to Pinterest
Pictured: Scandinavian 4FT 6 Double Bed, Available from Bedstar The Online Bed Superstore.

Wood slats can create stunning feature walls, hide defects in walls, and create a real sense of direction when used throughout a property.

In addition to wood slatted décor, wooden panels will also return in natural finishes like oak and maple to soften rooms and create contrast.

  1. Floral bedrooms

Floral bedrooms will make a return in 2022 as people look to start the year with a fresh perspective. Flowered curtains, bedding and wallpaper, will take over from geometric patterns to create bedrooms oozing with colour.

Flowers, trees, birds, insects and landscapes will introduce naturalism to spaces and do away with artificial things.

Look for bright colours, especially pinks and blues, which will become fashionable in floral patterns throughout 2022.

7 Decorating Trends that Will Mark 2022, According to PinterestPictured: Classic floral wallpaper will return to bedrooms in 2022 with a twist – modern pastel shades in contemporary style.

  1. Office in a closet

As people continue to work remotely, new spaces are needed to work from home. Hiding the office in the closet is a great way to go about it because it separates work from sleep so that you can maintain a good work-life balance.

To hide an office in a closet, all you need is a closet you don’t need for clothes, a plug socket in the closet and a sliding door to hide everything.

You can retrofit a sliding door to most closets. When closed, your office will be hidden, so you can keep your bedroom space separate.

  1. Metallic lighting

Brass, copper and stainless steel light fixtures are tipped to be a hot decorating trend in 2022. Subdued light fixtures will be replaced by shiny and brushed metallic ones that offer a sense of industrialism and strength.

Look for metallic ceiling lights, wall lights and lamps. Anything brass, bronze or copper will add a sense of character to your home.

Our favourite metallic light fixture is the sputnik chandelier in brass or bronze, with multiple arms supporting a single light bulb.

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