7 luxurious ways to spoil your mum on her birthday

If your mum’s birthday is just around the corner, it’s time to break out the credit card and show your mom how much you appreciate her love and devotion for all of these years. So here are 7 ways to lavishly spoil your mom.

  1. A day at the spa: Forget just a simple facial, why not treat your mother to an entire day of pampering at a top-notch day spa? Just image your mom spending all day being massaged, oiled, exfoliated, pedicured, manicured and everything else that a fabulous day spa offers. Heaven can’t be better than a day spa!
  2. A weekend cruise: Treat your mother and a friend to a weekend comedy cruise with one of the popular cruise lines in Australia. A three day cruise away from the stresses of daily life with fabulous food and wine, lots of great shows, and long days spent lying by the pool will really show your mom how much you love and appreciate her this year.
  3. Kitchen appliances: Some moms would absolutely love to receive new high end kitchen appliances for her birthday. So think about a KitchenAid mixer, expresso machine, or a pizza oven. Just because it is a kitchen appliance, doesn’t mean that your mother won’t be over the moon!
  4. A lavish bouquet of flowers: Some people go all out and send their mothers a fabulously huge bouquet of birthday flowers from online florists such as Fresh Flowers. Their Mothers Day flowers is a great gift idea for Mother’s Day
  5. iPhone or iPad: The latest iPhone or iPad will go down a treat with most mothers, as they always need to keep in touch with family and friends. You can pay for both the iPhone and iPad and then let mom hook up with her own service provider. This is the perfect gift for busy moms on the go.
  6. Detail her car: Why not pay for her car to be cleaned and detailed to perfection? Just the occasional car wash isn’t enough to keep your mom’s car looking good all the time, but a luxurious detailing will definitely spruce it up and express your appreciation for all she has done for you throughout the years.
  7. Take her to lunch: Spending time with your mom on her birthday is the perfect gift, so book into her favourite restaurant and give your mother the pleasure of your company! You can always try a brand new restaurant as well, one that your mom has been waiting to try out and just needed a good excuse.

With these seven gift ideas, you should have no problem finding the perfect gift to treat your mom on her birthday.

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