8 Styling Tips for Busy Moms

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Everyone is finishing breakfast as you throw on the most readily available outfit you can find before you run out the door to take the kids to school…and then, it’s off to work for you. Sound familiar? Congratulations, that means you’re a busy mom! There is so much expected of moms today as more than 70 percent balance full-time jobs and other extracurricular activities while raising children under the age of 18. And because your schedule is packed and you’re always juggling the needs of others, it may seem as though there is just simply not enough time in the day to get dressed.

If you are missing the days where you could thoughtfully plan a killer outfit that made you feel confident, those days aren’t lost! You just have to adapt the way your style looks to fit in with your new, busy schedule.

Do you ever see a woman on-the-go who looks like she has it all together? She’s juggling a coffee in one hand and her cell in the other as she plans her next move. And her outfit–it’s effortlessly chic, but you can tell she spent time on it. Well, girl, that’s about to be you if you incorporate these style tips for the busy mom!

8 Styling Tips for Busy Moms

Up Your Staple Game

First things first: If you want to look like a fashionista on-the-go, your closet has to be set up for success. Take inventory of the clothes in your closet that fit you and can function as basic, staple pieces for any occasion. For example, a t-shirt, jeans, jacket and a blazer should always be in the front of your closet so that you can easily create a stunning look without having to work super-hard to match contrasting pieces. If you are lacking good basics like a plus size black maxi dress, stock up so that you’re always prepared.

Go Monochrome

When in doubt or in a rush, style a monochromatic look. You can never go wrong with an all-black look. What’s more, a monochromatic outfit always looks more polished, sleek and expensive. So not only will this style have you feeling confident, but you’ll also be looking your best. Try pairing black plus size rompers and jumpsuits with a black moto jacket or blazer. Top the look off with a pair of bold sunglasses and boom, you’re on Page Six! A girl can dream, can’t she? Another benefit that works to a busy mom’s advantage, when it comes to an all-black look, is that the clothes will easily hide any kind of stains you may incur throughout the day.

8 Styling Tips for Busy Moms

Keep Accessories with You

Who has time to accessorize when you’re always running out the door with not a minute to spare? Keep your favorite statement accessories in your car or your purse. You can’t go wrong with stocking a classic necklace that goes with everything, a pair of earrings and a scarf. These accessories can transform any lackluster look in a second. So use these fashionably cute accessories on-the-go as your secret weapon.

Plan Your Outfit Out

If you have time before bed, plan out your outfit for the next day. This will take all the questions and planning out of your busy mornings, and it could help streamline your routine. Plus, we are more inclined to plan a stylish outfit at night before we go to bed rather than when we are sleepy in the morning and only want to wear sweatpants.

Ever Heard of Athleisure?

Speaking of sweatpants, we’re not saying you shouldn’t wear them. In fact, you totally can and should! The kids are calling it “athleisure,” but we call it “Oh yeah! Sweatpants!” Instead of your go-to pajama sweatpants, which have dried up applesauce on them, shop for plus size loungewear bottoms that have a sleeker look. These outfits can also double as gym attire and can be worn while you’re running errands or lounging around the house. The big differentiator here—compared to your go-to sweatpants—is that while this look might be super comfortable, you’ll still look stylish and put together which will boost your mood. If you’re feeling like loungewear still isn’t stylish enough, add a slide-on sneaker and a leather moto jacket. You’ll be looking like an off-duty model in no time. 

Fill Your Closet with Wrinkle-Free Options

Who has time to iron? Real question: Do people still iron? Chances are, busy mom, ironing is out of the question for your mornings. Invest in clothing or garments that don’t wrinkle easily so that you can throw on your favorite sweater and confidently leave the house knowing that you won’t find any pesky wrinkles throughout the day.

Keep an Emergency Kit

Have you ever had the perfect outfit on and you’re ready to slay the day when suddenly you spill coffee all over yourself? Been there, done that. Since you’re super busy, you probably don’t have a second to run in and change which is why we suggest keeping an emergency stain-removal pen and sewing kit—for loose buttons—handy. Being prepared will help you adapt to and overcome any obstacle in your way.

8 Styling Tips for Busy Moms

Get Inspiration

If you feel like your style is not even remotely close to where you want it to be, spend five or 10-minutes a day creating mood boards on Pinterest. Search for different styles you like as well as outfits you could recreate. When crafting outfits that you feel good in, it’s critical to have some inspiration and ideas to pull from.

Whether you’re feeling good about your current style or not, try not to be so hard on yourself! Wear what makes you feel good inside and out and that confidence will radiate!

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