A Day Out – London Zoo & Rio The Ultimate Carnival

On Saturday we was fortunate enough to be invited to London Zoo to see all the animals courtesy of Superbreak and then on to the screening of Rio The Ultimate Carnival Edition before its big launch on 24th October.

We spent the morning in London Zoo arriving just before they opened at 10am, within a few minutes we was in the Zoo and ready to begin our adventure. This was the first time we have been to London Zoo as we usually stick to Woburn or Whipsnade as they are local so we was excited to see what this one had to offer.

Looking at the map the zoo is spread out over a few different sections so we set to doing on side first then working our way back over, but Kayleigh had other idea’s seeing the Aquarium on the way past!


Inside was the most amazing array of fish with the more known types to some we’d never heard of before.

We then carried on working our way round the zoo enjoying all the great animals. There are lots of things to do outside as well as inside. We enjoyed our trip indoors to the rainforest and to the reptile house. The butterfly house is amazing too.

There is plenty of places to sit and eat a picnic if you choose to take one with you or they have lots of food stalls dotted around the park, with a main eating area too. There is also toilets all around the park with easy access to those with buggies. These facilities are probably to cleanest I have seen at any major attraction we have been to.

You can’t actually take your car into the park but they have their own car park about 5 minutes from the main entrance – this is charged by the day rate which varies depending on whether you are in or out of season. It cost us £13 which is about average for parking at a zoo.

This is defiantly one for the family and if you can go i would suggest going! Superbreak have some great deals available for not only London Zoo but a wide range of attractions, shows and events up and down the country. Just check out their website here for more details. They have lots of London Hotels to choose from making your chance to visit London special

Next up in the early afternoon was the preview of Rio the Ultimate Carnival Edition before its big launch on 24th October 2011! Here is a sneaky peak at what we saw!

As we was already at the Zoo enjoying the animal’s we was one of the first to arrive for the viewing. Excited at the prospect of seeing the film Kayleigh jumped at the chance to get her face painted, the very talented face painter was doing all the children the character Blu on their face. The outcome was fantastic

There was some rather yummy food laid out but we had already eaten our lunch so just had a little snack, but it was delicious. We just couldn’t wait for the film to start as we had not seen Rio before.

The film itself is fantastic, it’s from the creators of Ice Age and its humour is the same, it’s aimed at the kids with the little bit of adult humour thrown into the mix. We had a great time watching it, even at the beginning when Blu fell out of a tree and the only one to burst into laughter was Kayleigh! This film is defiantly one for the family film night, we are even considering getting it for Kayleigh’s birthday as it comes out the day after!

I would recommend this film to anyone young or old 🙂

But our adventure didn’t end there! The zoo brough in a Macaw for us all to see. Blu the main character in the film is from the Macaw breed. As you can imagine everyone loved to see this beautiful bird with a chance to get a bit closer than you can in the zoo.

Rio the Ultimate Carnival edition is released on DVD, BluRay and Triple Play on 24th October. Make sure you reserve your copy as this is a great movie! 

We had a fantastic day out and most defiantly one will remember for a very long time!

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