A new summer wardrobe, without breaking the bank!

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Summer is finally here and many of us are cracking out the summer wardrobe to make the most of the weather whilst it lasts.

However, if you are anything like me, your summer wardrobe is pretty much limited to a few pieces that you have had for a number of years and have seen better days. Over the years as the kids have grown, I have always spent the clothes budget on them as they needed it more and to be honest, I always get picky when it comes to clothes as I just do not really have a style. This year though I am now desperate to find some new clothes that fit but are going to last. Here are my top tips for getting that perfect summer wardrobe without breaking the bank.

A new summer wardrobe, without breaking the bank!

Pick some classic essentials –

The start to any wardrobe should be the classic essentials such t-shirt tops, jeans, some nice shorts and a summer dress are a great place to start. I always find starting with the basics in simple colours/patterns means they are likely to last a lot longer than the latest fashion.

I am also a bit boring and have stuck with the basic colours such as black, blue, and white to begin with and then expanded that out a little. You don’t need to be as boring as me though, as long as the style is always classic, these key pieces will last a while.

Purchase good quality – 

For me, I believe the reason I haven’t had to buy new clothes for a while is the fact, I have invested in pieces that are well made. It did mean that I had to pay a little more than maybe a budget clothes shop, however, if I have got a few more years out of them then it was well worth the investment!

This doesn’t mean paying for designer brands, but you will know what stores offer you the best value for money when it comes to clothes quality.

Keep an eye out for deals – 

Clothes are always coming up on the offer, especially towards the end of the season. So, if you have your eye on something but it may be out of your budget a little at the minute, just make sure you are watching as the end of that cycle comes to a close.

It is also a great way to refresh your wardrobe too, with many stores offering up to 50% off as they change the seasons.

Don’t forget also if you are planning on doing a little shop online that you can take advantage of places like Quidco as well and earn yourself a little cashback as you go. It is really easy to do and is pretty much free money as you were planning to make the purchase anyway! Read more on this post as to how you can do this.

A new summer wardrobe, without breaking the bank!

Whatever your style or taste may be, making sure you are wearing clothes you are comfortable in is the most important thing. There is no point buying something and spending time worrying if it looks ok, was it too short/tight/bright or whatever may come through your mind and then not wearing it again. You will wear items more often if the style you are wearing is something you love.

Don’t forget if you are maybe looking to purchase some more items for your wardrobe but have some bits that maybe you have not worn for a while or just are not a fan of how it looks after removing the labels (we’ve all done it!) then you can look to sell them on places like Vinted.