A sad goodbye but a huge thank you!

Today I got a little shock when I picked Kayleigh up from preschool. They had given the leavers their presents and they also brought home school reports plus all of Kayleigh’s records from her time at preschool.

Firstly both school reports were simply amazing and had me in tears almost. They have done so well this year and I’m so proud of them both.

Next Friday will be Kayleigh’s last day at preschool. She joined them on 3rd May 2011 and I will be forever great full for everything they have done for her.

When Kayleigh joined we pretty much had hell for 2 weeks. She hated the place with a passion and screamed when she got there daily. It didn’t last, she soon settled into a routine and grew to love the setting.

She has grown and developed so much over her 2 and a bit years there. From learning to sing to reading and writing. Reading her report today she has even started to learn maths and loves learning whatever she is given.

Kayleigh is a loving little girl and when she first started she attached herself to a lady called Danielle who helped her come out of her shell patiently over time. Now Kayleigh loves all of the staff in the preschool and does nothing but talk about them all the time.

She comes home telling me that she is everyone’s friend, she loves everyone.


When we brought our house we didn’t even have babies on our mind let alone worrying about what school catchment we were in, however I feel so fortunate to have our children in the preschool they are in.

Over the years I’ve got more involved with the preschool as treasurer and all of the staff are a so caring but also lovely people. They always make you feel at ease and although its not the end as Ethan will still be there, it feels like the start of a new chapter as we move away from the preschool.

That makes me sad.

So I wanted to thank the staff, I won’t name the preschool on the blog but they know who they are.

Thank you for making Kayleigh’s journey into eduction such a fun adventure and giving her so many happy memories.

Thank you for giving time into making her the little girl she is today! I will never forget it!

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