Açaí Immunity Boosting Bowl challenge with Sambazon

Sambazon recently got in touch to see if I would be interested in giving their Açaí packs a go to make my own immunity boosting bowls.

I’ll be honest and say I had never heard of Açaí before, so if you are like me I will give you a quick lesson on what it is.

Grown in the Amazon, Açaí is a palm fruit that grows on the banks, to indigenous tribes, it’s said the seed of the Açaí fruit birthed the Amazon. This purple berry is packed full of antioxidants, healthy omegas and vital nutrition’s. It is harvested in north Brazil in a sustainable way that the locals have done for centuries.

Samabazon are strong believers of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” and continue to harvest it in this way. They respect the Amazon and its people, being organic, fair trade, wild-harvested, and completely sustainable.

What are the benefits of Açaí?

This berry has been part of the indigenous Brazilian diet for centuries, it is one of the only fruits in the world that is not only naturally sugar free but also packed with so much goodness too. The real magic of Açaí is that it has a perfect combination of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, giving it a creamy mouth feel and loads of trace minerals and essential nutrients.

How do you eat it?

Açaí is a superfood that can either be eaten on its own or blended with other great ingredients.

It is recommended to take 2 sachets out of the freezer and run under warm water to thaw a bit. Then simple add this to the blender with banana (or any other ingredient you would like!), some fruit and liquid. Blend this up and add to a bowl, topped with your favourite toppings of choice such as granola and fresh fruit.

You can also eat this straight from the freezer as a lolly if it is really warm.

I am a bit fussy with my fruit and not a fan of nuts, so I have tried these out as simple dish of just banana and Açaí.

I was a little unsure at first on how this may taste however it was actually really nice. As a great treat in the early evening but also getting so many benefits make this a great addition to my diet.

You can find these in the Whole Food Market, Tesco and Ocado for a RRP £4.00.

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