Aims and goals – December 2020

Here we are already, into the last aims and goals post of 2020. It wasn’t really the year we had in mind, however, with all its flaws 2020 has been pretty kind to us as a family. Of course, it could have been a lot worse, but we are taking the positives from it.

It’s a busy month coming up so I am going to be kind to myself this month. I want to be able to enjoy the festive period and I am very much looking forward to two weeks off at the end of the month.

Now as per usual, it is time to recap my goals for November then get some set for December.

Recap on Goals for November 2020

Personal goals –

  1. Maintain the fitness journey – I failed this! I trapped a nerve in my back in early November and have not been able to shift the pain to be able to work out.
  2. Get prepared for Christmas – We have been working through our list and are getting there, just a few bits to get.
  3. Teach the kids to cook – Didn’t even get started with this.

Blog goals –

  1. Schedule up until 2021 – Ah, I got nowhere close, but there is still time to get ready to take Christmas off!
  2. Hit all-time highs on stats this month – Not hit that but the stats are going the right way.
  3. Get ready for Christmas on the blog – All done, this has been a pretty successful Countdown to Christmas giveaway, you can enter our current giveaways here.

Goals for December 2020

Personal goals –

  1. Take time off – Christmas this year I am switching off, that includes the blog. I have not taken any real time off since February half term as I am always on call and on the inbox monitoring duty, so I plan to take Christmas off. There is always a reason I don’t take a break, so this time I am going to make time to pamper myself!
  2. Make the most of the family time – The kids are growing up and this year has taught me you should make the most of every moment.
  3. Eat some delicious food – This is the perfect time of the year for some delicious food and not feel bad about it. I love this recipe and plan to make it for the kids in the run up to Christmas.

Blog goals –

  1. Make plans for 2021 – This year has been very kind on the blog front, but I don’t take that for advantage. It is time to make plans to grow the blogs next year.
  2. Get ahead with content – I have fallen behind lately due to multiple things, however, I need to get back on top of it all again.
  3. Plan some dream collaborations – As well as making plans to grow the blog, I want to look at my plans and work on a way to bring those to life next year.

This month’s aims and goals are a little easier than those I would usually have, however, after the year we have had I just want to take a step back and enjoy the festive period with my family.

2020 has not been the year I imagined. It has been one that I had to adjust and learn how to approach it with a difference. I learnt a lot though and plan to take what I learnt into 2021 and make it even better.

Aims and goals - December 2020

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