Aims and goals for August 2019

Aims and goals for August 2019

The last few months I have found myself bouncing around my to-do list, without anything really achieved. With this in mind, I am going to set myself some aims and goals for August to get through.

I ready Katy’s from Katy Kicker monthly goals and it is such a great idea to make her accountable for the month. Now I’m not saying I am going to achieve everything (not likely!) but I want to refocus on what I need to achieve. Rather than have a combination of posts on the goals for the month I am going to combine blog and personal goals in one post, starting with just a few goals. There will be some that I am going to have to push to achieve but I need to focus going forward.

Goals for August-

Blog goals-

  1. Schedule Pinterest until the end of September – I used to be very organised on Pinterest then I changed my approach and it has not really worked out for me. I would like to go back to work in September already scheduled for the whole of September. Currently, I am scheduled until the 10th August so I am almost 2 weeks ahead of myself as it is, this should be achievable.
  2. Schedule 3 posts a week – Over the last few months, I have fallen out of love with my blog. Part of this has come from comparison syndrome, there are so many amazing blogs out there I just feel a little overwhelmed. I would like to get back into blogging 3 posts a week and then any sponsored content around this.
  3. Comment on another 10 blogs a week – I feel like I don’t really spend much time on other blogs (even though like I said before, there are some amazing blogs out there!). So in the coming month, I want to visit and comment on at least 10 blogs a week. Whilst creating a little blogging bookmark list of blogs to visit on a regular basis.

Personal goals –

  1. Try a new recipe a week – We stick to the safety of meals we know and love, in August I would like to try out a new recipe a week. This may be savoury or sweet, however, it is one we must all try!
  2. Take more time away from technology – I am a heavy user of technology, most of this is due to work whether it be streaming or blogging however I need to learn to take time away from the screen and just relax.
  3. Set some goals for blog and streams for the remainder of 2019 – I have sort of bumbled through 2019 so far. I want to use the time out of work in August to set myself some goals and targets for both my blog and my stream. I have loved streaming since I started but have taken a bit of a break of late due to some housework going on, but I am looking forward to getting back into it.

There is nothing here that I should not be able to achieve with a bit of a push. With the building work currently taking place, I haven’t set too many goals however once we are back in a routine I look forward to pushing on a bit and trying to achieve a bit more with a little less time doing it!

Aims and goals for August 2019

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