Aims and goals – November 2020

I can’t believe I am writing my penultimate aims and goals post for 2020. This year although it has been tough and dragged at times, it seems as though it has flown by also which is just really strange.

One thing I have decided though, for all its failings in 2020, it has taught me an awful lot. It has put life into perspective but also our plans for the future too. I think this has been why I have been a bit more focused on my aims and goals over the last few months.

Before we get into the goals set for November, here is a recap on last month.

Recap on Goals for October 2020

Personal goals –

  1. Stick to the routine – This is pretty much there now, though it is really hard to get up at 5am when it is cold and dark!
  2. Get some new meals into the meal plan – We achieved this, we have been busy using our pressure cooker to create some delicious meals.
  3. Do a little more baking – Getting there slowly, it could be better so going to try and do it a bit more this month.

Blog goals –

  1. Hit my blog earning goals – Smashed it! It has not been easy, lots of early starts and late nights but it paid off.
  2. Stay scheduled at least 4 weeks – I got this one eventually, after losing my way a little. It was a lot harder to get back into a routine once I lost it so lessons were learned there!
  3. Start working on traffic – I’ve been slowly working on this and it is paying off every day.

October was a good month all round, there is still progress to be made across the board and I can’t wait to get cracking on November!

Goals for November 2020

Personal goals –

  1. Maintain the fitness journey – I have to remember the quote I read recently, you don’t find time to work out, you make it. It hit home and it is one that gets me off my lazy bum to do some exercise.
  2. Get prepared for Christmas – This year I want to take advantage of any offers and get ready for Christmas early.
  3. Teach the kids to cook – With 2 fussy children, I am trying to encourage them to help cook more so they appreciate the effort that goes into dinner. This month I want to teach them how to cook some more basics meals.

Blog goals –

  1. Schedule up until 2021 – Time to see out the end of the year on the blog and get organised in time for a festive period off.
  2. Hit all-time highs on stats this month – I want to make this month the best month on the blog ever.
  3. Get ready for Christmas on the blog – It is time for our giveaways and Christmas food posts to come round and I can’t wait to share them!

There seems like there is a lot of work to do this month, however, it is more of a case of maintaining the work done so far and keeping it going over the next few months. Do you set yourself any aims and goals to aim for, whether it be a month or a year?

Aims and goals - November 2020

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