All good things have to come to an end

The last time I worked a 5 day week was back in August 2008.

I went to work one day, then popped out to my midwife appointment, not to reappear until the June 2009! She had signed me off due to the worries of Kayleigh’s size so I went on sick leave then straight onto maternity leave.

When I returned it was on a 4 day working week, more than I wanted but the fewest hours I could afford. Then after Ethan came along I returned again on a 4 day week but finishing an hour early on a Tuesday and Thursday so I could be there when Kayleigh got out of pre-school.

I knew there would be a time that it would all change, just didn’t realise how quick that time would creep around.

Now it’s here…

With Ethan starting pre-school in the new year I just can’t justify staying at home on a Friday, so they will both be in pre-school all day and I’ll be back at work in January a 5 day week. Still finishing early for the school run though on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

I feel a bit deflated.

The weird thing it’s not about working 5 days, it’s just my current role.

Over the last 18 months its been a bit of a rollercoaster, after returning to work I was in HR meetings within 2 months over concerns yet they were swept under the rug, emails ignored, my problems ignored. Now its got to the point where I sit and think why bother, they don’t care about the problems, why should I let it get to me? Lets face it, in a company as big as the one I work, I’m a number. Numbers can be replaced.

There is just this feeling I get that I don’t belong there anymore, a bit of an outsider looking in. To be honest I go to work to earn money nothing else but still not a great moral to be working in.

Then I started the blog and started to see a whole new career start to unravel before my eyes, god I wish I made enough money through the blog to leave my job but nowhere near.

My path crossed with Romaine at Junior Style Sale not long after I started blogging and we started working closely on some promotions and projects on the blog. Slowly but surely we started to form a blog/business relationship and friendship. Together we managed to bounce business ideas and plans off each other.

It was through her ideas and help that Little Fancy Feet was born.

The thing is when we talk through our idea’s I actually feel like I’m being taken seriously and my thoughts and opinions are meaningful. So much so we have this great adventure about to begin on Junior Style and I actually feel part of it, like my input is valuable! I would love to share the plans with you but I can’t, its top-secret at the minute!

It has this that has made me realise I have so much more to offer. I can’t carry on doing my current role till I retire, I have a brain and its about time I put it to use. It is full of ideas, some great, some not so great but I need to start to channel them into something that I enjoy.

So I’m going to make my New Year’s resolution 3 months early. The next 15 months are about change, I’m going to do this for me. It’s not going to sit at my desk wishing my working days away for the next 40 years. I’m going to go out and do something about this.

Like someone once said to me – You have to go out and make yourself a success, it doesn’t come to you.

I will be doing just that, watch this space!

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