At least we have a diagnosis

So today was Kayleigh’s hearing tests, it was at 3pm so I picked her up from pre-school a little early to get her there.

The wait for the appointment wasn’t too bad in the end, about 4 weeks, but it seems that just the start of our waiting.

Kayleigh was a star throughout the whole test, she was grinning away thinking it was a great game whilst I sat there nervously trying to see what the nurse was writting down.

Then I had that gut renching feeling something wasn’t quiet right. I could see the lady pressing the sound button and everytime i looked at Kayleigh she just gave me this huge cheeky grin oblivious to the sound that she was mean’t to be listening to.

She couldn’t hear it, my heart sank at that moment.

It turns our after all the tests that she has glue ear in both ears which is causing mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears. Due to the speech therapist agreeing it could be her hearing that is contributing towards her speech we have now been referred to the ENT departement at the local hospital with a waiting list of 6 weeks before they take a decision on what the next step is.

Hopefully before this point her hearing will start to improve and the fluid in the middle ear will start to drain but only time will tell. The worse case senario will be gromits in both ears.

Now I know this isn’t anywhere near what some people go through with their children. Not even close. It’s not even the fact that she might have to undergo an operation thats upsetting me.

Its simply the fact I feel this overwhelming guilt of not picking it up sooner! Why didn’t I notice she was struggling to hear? How long has she been living in a little bubble? Maybe if I had noticed sooner we wouldn’t even need speech therapy.

I just hope the wait isn’t too long & we’re on the road to recovery sooner rather than later.


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