Back on the SlimFast!

Yesterday was the day that I went back onto SlimFast making Daddy Vs Work join me!

We have had quiet a stressful few months and as a result we’ve been reaching for the snacks, fizzy drinks and take aways. This means that our waistbands are expanding and the clothes have got tight….. really tight.

So before the buttons on our jeans go pop and our bank balance goes bust we are getting healthy again.

The only way I’ve found I am consistent with weight loss is through SlimFast. I think it is because it is so easy for me, I don’t really have an excuse even when I am working. I can just take my shake or meal bar with me along with some fruit for a snack and that is me set for the rest of the day!

Between us then we just need to work on our evening meals to make sure they are good however SlimFast are now looking after that too with their recipe ideas.

I will update you as we go along as to how much we are losing weekly however in the meantime if you are after some inspiration make sure you join in with the #SlimFastLunchClub on twitter every Monday from 12.30pm till 12.50pm (though it’s on today as yesterday was a bank holiday!). They chat about everything from inspiration to ideas and recipes. Great way to get you motivated!

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