Ban page 3 – Really?

Since being on bed rest for the last 3 weeks, day time tv has slowly been killing my brain cells off. So this morning watching the BBC news program I flicked it on just as they we’re discussing a new campaign (well new to me!) to ban page 3 and other soft porn pictures in our national publications.

I didn’t catch the whole interview but one thing that stood out for me was the comment “children are watching women being downgraded with these pictures in a family paper”

Firstly who lets their kids read The Sun anyway?

For me personally I have no issue with page 3, like I have no issue of seeing women in their undies plastered all over billboards. It’s their career choice & most of these young women are well educated and know what they are doing.

It wouldn’t be my career of choice for Kayleigh but who am I to judge. This campaign so far has got over 50,000 signatures on their petition so some people obviously agree, we’re all grown adults and I’m sure it will spark debate as it rumbles on.

But like others have said on our Facebook you ban this where do you stop? Scantily clad girls in pop videos gyrating their arse and boobs at the camera? Topless sunbathing? The list would be never ending.

As a parent of a girl I find something else in our publications more worrying, those women who feel the need to earn a living by sleeping with married celebs/football players/pop stars etc and selling their story to the highest bidder.

I don’t want to hear about your explicit sex you had, if I wanted to do that I’d read something like Fifty Shades of Grey. Nor do I want to hear your the innocent party in it all, your single he’s not. You’ve basically been paid for having sex with someone, does that not make you a high class hooker in a round about way?

Surly this is more downgrading on women than seeing a pert pair? Saying to girls you can earn a quick buck but dropping your knickers and telling the world about every detail and its acceptable is a worrying state of where we’re at. One reason why I don’t read papers or magazines as I’m fed up of hearing about it.

My view – don’t like it, don’t buy it!

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