Basic Maths Skills – Is it something we need in life?

I have been a bit quiet lately and was coming on here tonight to tell you about my stressful week and how my studies have progressed blah blah blah however an article on the news caught my attention tonight and I admit to being shocked. Its thought that 17 million adults in the UK have the same basic maths skills of an 11-year-old.

Now I work with figures day in and day out in my job and I selected this line of a career simply because I find figures easier to understand and work with than letters, spell check is the best add on I have on this blog! However I still found it surprising that so many people struggle to do the basics like the ability to be able to check their change. For the first time this week I met 2 adults that could not read. I admit it was an eye opener for me as at 26 I just assumed everyone could read, write etc as all everyone I’ve come across in life is able to do so, maybe I am just a bit naive when it comes to the world outside of my little bubble.

I have always thought the government should provide children with the basic life skills they need once they enter the big wide world.  I know there are core skills but so many people could have benefitted from learning how to deal with finances, how to understand bills etc and also other important skills like CV writing and interview skills, giving children the best chance at life to stand on their own feet and not fear the adult world.

With Kayleigh we are always practising her counting skills and alphabet, not because I want her to become some child einstine but simply because I want her to be able to deal with things on her own as she gets older, I want to give her the best chance as an adult to be able to stand on her own 2 feet and understand things that come along in life and feel confident enough to deal with things, without feeling that she would be taken advantage of.

It also makes me a bit sad to think that some people struggle in life with the basics, especially in this day and age where there are people out there that would be willing to take these people for granted where they can.

Do you think basic maths skills are important in everyday life or am I coming from a finance mind thinking it is?

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