Battle with glue ear continues

Today I had to take Kayleigh to her latest hearing test done.

No I know it hadn’t improved since the last one in November but we had to go through the process to have proof.

Back in June last year I did a post to explaining how it had all come about and us waiting to see the ENT consultant.

We saw them and they discharged Kayleigh as her glue ear had cleared but she still had mild hearing loss. This was early summer, but the autumn it was back and at her last hearing test in November it was back with full force.

Kayleigh’s hearing with double glue ear was compared to having your head under water and trying to listen. It must be so hard living in a world where you can’t hear anywhere near what you should be.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s happy, if a bit loud to make up for it.

But I’m concerned. She is due to start school in September, now to see the consultant is at least 6-8 weeks. Then if they decide to go ahead with grommets we will need another appointment to go through the operation procedure and then I’ve been told its another 18 weeks till the operation may take place by someone already on the waiting list.yep that’s right, 18 weeks!

So we are looking near Christmas if not after Christmas before its done.

The lady doing the hearing test has agreed something needs to be done, its just time.

With the new school year not far away, I really don’t want to put her into her new school where she will feel slightly disorientated by new sounds and people whilst struggling to hear, but what can we do?

We only have few options really:

Wait it out and hope it improves/waiting list time decreases.

Pay for the operation privately, I personally have not qualms in getting a loan out to pay for it, even if I had to live on beans on toast for months to have it done. I would do anything for my children and to make sure they are healthy and happy. However part of me wonders if I prefer this option as I know what it’s like to try and learn whilst suffering with hearing loss.

Look at medical insurance and if it doesn’t improve go down that route.

I’m confused, I’m upset that she is going through this and I feel guilty as there is not much I can do to help at this minute except make sure she’s happy and healthy in every other way.

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