Beautiful storage options around the home

Our home is small and cosy however with that comes the lack of storage options.

Recently we have been discussing the plans for our extension in our home. It wont be a huge extension when we start to do it, just one that will give the kids their own room and us a bit of a bigger bedroom.

With this though I am hoping we can get some much-needed storage in our room.

My main plan for our room is just to make it as light and airy as I can but also very natural. Currently it is the storage/dumping room in our house and I would love to be able to change it around so we have somewhere to go and relax after a busy day.

The Basket  Company have just released some new gorgeous Water Hyacinth baskets which would look great in a natural room.


Water Hyacinth Square Natural Storage Basket / Water Hyacinth Round Natural Storage Basket / Water Hyacinth Rectangular Natural Storage Basket

These come in a variety of sizes so can be used for small items such as toiletries or we could get the larger baskets and use them to store towels or clothing.  They would also look great in the kids room for storing their toys that they have lying everywhere!

I can’t wait to get cracking on our room though to create that space for us to relax in and some much-needed space for the whole family to have their own space.

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