Being Frugal with Food

Let’s face it, for most of us food shopping is probably one of our biggest outgoing (apart from rent/mortgage) on a monthly basis and it’s starting to cost more money to eat healthier than the junk options!

As families are starting to feel the pinch we are all having to make cut backs and food seems to be in this house one of the most spurlged on and wasted thing! So we’ve started trying a few new things to help save money and cut back!

  1. Meal Planning – Being prepared for what you need in the week seems to cut wastage, plus you tend to only buy what you really need (if your strict)
  2. Clear out cupboard week – Every now and again we all have bits lying around in the freezer and cupboards that need eating. So why not have a cupboard week, where most (if not all) your meals are planned from the little bits you have lying around. That way you save money and clear out some space. Also you will not waste food with it going out of date if you use it up.
  3. Brand down – Do you always buy the branded products? You will notice a huge difference in your shopping if you just switch out some of your branded products for supermarket brands. We found by switching a few products a week we would save money and also learn which products we prefered. In all honesty most of the products we didn’t even notice the difference!
  4. Shop around – Going to the same supermarket as its convenient is great for time but not always for the budget. Shop around and you will find yourselves some great bargains. Aldi have just been named Which? Best supermarket this year, so popping into here your bound to find great products at fantastic prices. 

So there you have it, why not try a couple of this tips to see if you can save yourself a few pennies this year, being frugal is the way to go in 2012!

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