The best child proof floors

Welcoming a new life into your home is a wonderful and magical moment. It is incredibly important to ensure that your home is properly prepared for any new arrivals. With the floor being a place where children spend a lot of their early days crawling and learning to walk, it’s important to get your choice right. Our guide is going to take you through the best options out there for not just your children, but your pockets as well.

We’ll start with the most attractive, but also the most expensive option on the market, hardwood. Coming as either solid or engineered, they both look fantastic but are also technically excellent. Both are incredibly durable, and are certainly a long term solution for your home, with engineered wood being particularly durable due to its layered makeup. Engineered is also slightly softer underfoot, however if you do invest in hardwood we’d recommend it may be worth buying a rug!

Child proof flooring

The next we’re going to look at is vinyl tiles, vinyl is incredibly soft underfoot and one of the safest floorings on the market. It’s the best alternative for hardwood, and is just as effective and still maintains its good looks. It’s ideal for areas that are likely to be exposed to moisture and high water levels (such as bathrooms and kitchens), and any spillages are very easy to clean up in case your child has an accident! It comes in a wide range of designs, so there really is something for every taste.

Last but not least is the cheapest option available, laminate flooring. Although its price is low, that doesn’t take away from the quality, it’s easily as reliable as some of the more expensive floorings on the market. It also has scratch resistance meaning it won’t be damaged by children dropping toys! Due to its layered makeup it has excellent durability, meaning it has strength to the core. It’s also incredibly easy to fit, with laminate using the click-loc system. There are plenty of cheap wood flooring options available however if you’re looking for that particular style.

Child proof flooring

We hope that our guide has helped you find the best flooring for your family home! It’s incredibly important to make sure you pick the right flooring, and it really does ultimately come down to personal choice!

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