Blogging to help others

It’s that grand old question, why do you blog? Is it for the freebies or a financial gain? Do you just enjoy expressing yourself or is it to help others?

Until last night I enjoyed just blogging out about how our life was with a few reviews and competitions thrown in for good measure, hoping people enjoyed reading. Then something changed.

I attended Kayleigh’s pre-school meeting last night for the first time and one thing that came up was the fundraising. Now the pre-school is a charity run so they rely on the parents to help fund raise and any donations they may get.

Since the school has returned both the washer drier and the laptop are on the brink – so that leaves them 2 options. Use the funds they currently have set aside for equipment putting them on hold or try to raise the money elsewhere for them. They have their christmas nativity coming up and are planning a raffle to try to raise some much-needed funds to replace these items then put some aside for new equipment plus any extra’s that may come up.

Then it hit me, I’ve spoken to a lot of companies & PR companies since starting my blog. Why not see if I can use those contacts to try to get some great raffle prizes in to raise money for the pre-school.

After all they’ve done so much for Kayleigh since she started in May. Her first 2 weeks were a nightmare she used to scream and cry when I dropped her off and when I picked her up. However once we were over that she loved it! Now she eagerly awaits my arrival at my mum to pick her up and take her to pre-school.

Since she started she’s come out of her shell so much – everyone comments on what a polite bright little girl she is and I feel part of this comes from her pre-school education.

So today I’ve been contacting some of the lovely people I’ve had a oppertunity to work with and they have been kind enough to donate some goodies.

But deep down I keep thinking, I can do more for them, so I’m trying to get them either a replacement washer dryer or laptop or even better both.

Am I mad, yes! Cheeky, very yes! but this isn’t me being cheeky for personal gain, its me being cheeky to benefit the pre-school and the children that pass through it on their way to education. That’s got to be worth it surely?

So if your reading this and you think you can help in any way, please get in touch (contacts tab at the top). I’m happy to blog/advertise for you too if you wish for something in return.

Thank you so much!

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