Breaking barriers on old age

In my last post I discussed my foot operation which is now only 4 weeks away (where has this year gone!?) and my concerns about getting around and doing normal things such as getting around and having a bath for example.

However my issues all being well should only be for the short-term. What about those who have long-term mobility issues or those who are getting elderly?

There is always a stigma around disability or age but there shouldn’t be. After all we all may have something that may hold us back but we offer so much more on top of that.

Bathing Solutions are working hard on breaking down barriers on old age, after all age is just a number isn’t it.

They want to help the elderly break the social barrier they may feel is there but also for youngsters to embrace they skills they may bring too.

I feel there is so much the older generation can bring to the table and we could give them so much confidence in today’s technology. For example my grandparents don’t have digital tv, mobiles or internet at all where as my nan on my mum’s side is on facebook, sends text messages and so on.

The breaking barriers campaign from Bathing Solutions though wants to give elderly the confidence to learn a new skill and get out in their community to give it a try to make new friends. Whether it be on a photography course to fitness class there is lots of great local courses on there.

If you know someone who you’d think would love to learn a new skill and feel they could learn more than just the skill from this, make sure you let them know about the breaking barrier campaign.

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