Can you have a career whilst you travel around the world?

Being able to travel around the world is an amazing treat for many of us however are you able to travel the world whilst building a career?

Let’s face it we know that it is impossible to have one of your 9-5 careers if you are jet setting, even if you settle in a place for a while. You will soon be getting itchy feet to travel again, so are there any careers you can have?

Blogging –

This is a great option as you can literally work anywhere in the world. Of course money is not going to come straight away however you can build up your income whilst saving for your first trip then the world is your oyster!

Michelle at Making Sense of Cents is a great example of this as her blog brings in a great income from various sources whilst her and her husband travel the world. If you are looking for inspiration make sure you check her out.

Social influence –

I know this sounds like a strange one but it is not honestly. There are people that have built up a great following on social media (such as Instagram or YouTube) that have turned this into their job whilst travelling the world.

Be honest and open in your posts, be you.

Don’t expect things to happen overnight, just like the blog it will take your time and focus to get there.

Affiliate income –

Another great way to boost your income is through affiliate income. This doesn’t have to be done on a blog though. You can use affiliate links on all social media platforms now.

Explorer Travel is one way to boost your income if you are sharing your travel tips and destinations, especially if you have an engaged following.

Photography –

Do you love taking pictures and have a knack of getting the right picture at the right time? How about looking at selling your images online? As you are traveling you will encounter some amazing things to capture.

Of course with any of the above methods you are going to need something to back you up. However if it is in the pipeline for you to head off traveling why not start to build your income source now. As well as building your coffers you could be setting yourself up a new career too!

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