Car Saftey – With Chevrolet

As parents our priority is to make sure our children are safe at all times and whilst they are in the car that is no different.

We use our car daily to take them to and from nanny’s house whilst we go to work as well as general day-to-day use. So their safety whilst in the car is priority and always will be. From their car seats being fitted to the features that come with the car, it’s all important.

One car brand that takes in-car safety as priority is Chevrolet, especially with their new 7 seater 4×4 the Chevrolet Orlando which is an all round great 7 seater family car. As well as the duel Isofix car seat system for safety with car seats it also comes with complete with the latest airbag technology and incorporates 6 airbags. The Orlando also features a tough reinforced safety cage that incorporates a ‘long cradle’ high energy absorbing system to lessen the effect of any impact and safeguard occupants. Not to mention it also has traction controls to help stop the car from sliding.

Its safety was so good it was awarded a 5 out of 5 stars with Euroncap – the car assessment program for car safety. They uses test dummies to see the effect of collisions on the passengers of the car and rate it in accordance to these results.

It’s great to see that a car company takes so much care in the safety of the passengers as well as style, after all safety is the most important feature over style. As a car manufacturer they have done their jobs now its our job as parents to do ours by making sure our car seats are fitted correctly and that our children are strapped in and secure.

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