Champions at last!

Today is the day that a lot of people I know have been waiting what seems like a life time for.


It’s the day that Luton Town Football Club can finally get their hands on the trophy as champions of the Skrill premier league and get out of the conference after a 5 year exile there.

It has been a long old road though as a Luton fan with many ups and downs and having supported Luton for as long as I can remember I am so pleased it’s finally a positive day.

We went from being a championship side to a league 2 side in a few seasons and then had the biggest FA point deduction ever which relegated us to the conference.

The FA made an example of Luton to show they we’re taking a tough stance on irregularities and administration (for those that don’t know about it you can read more here) however its a shame that they never followed that up with any other club?!

However it kind of backfired a little as the same year we were crowned Johnstone Paint Trophy winners, showing that even in adversity we weren’t going to just lie down and take it and now we are back, stronger than ever.

We were out of their hair for 5 years though whilst Nick Owen and the board of 2020 worked to turn the club around and there was just this air about it that John Still was going to turn it around this season.

Ii just had this feeling that this season would be ours and it was.

Thanks to an amazing run and a few results going our way we managed to do it this week and today at Kenilworth Road the roof will come off as we are crowned champions and march back into league 2.


But what is really leaving a sour taste is Luton Borough Council, they have jumped on the bandwagon with all the MP’s coming out of the woodwork claiming to be pleased that we’ve gained promotion, what a positive light its put on the town blah blah blah….

Where were any of you when we got relegated?

Where have you been on the hunt for a new ground so we can expand….

Oh that’s right, you’ve been directing us out of the town claiming there is no space for us to move. Last time I checked Kimpton road site had been left empty for years and junction 10, lets not even go there.

Don’t come out claiming you are proud and you care, you don’t.

All you want is to get a bit in the paper so you “look” like you’re excited ready for any upcoming elections etc (by the way, I wont vote for any of you as I trust my 5-year-old to manage the town better!)

If you’re that proud of us, find us some land, help us move and build our club. The same club that has brought the town that much-needed positive publicity and gives something for the town to be proud of, no thanks to you at all.

Today is about the club & its supporters as its them that have got us back where we belong and that is all that matters!

So turn up you volume and listen to this little rap from one of the players, pretty much sums up how we are feeling as we head into our party today!

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