Changing bags: What to look for

Us mothers have to be so organised these days, don’t we? With our busy lives and demands on our time from family and work, we need all the help we can get with meeting the challenges of motherhood.

 One of the greatest childcare advances in recent years has been the development of the changing bag. Yes okay, so our mums managed to cope with a few plastic bags and an old holdall, but don’t think for a minute that this was easy for them. If they had been offered one of the new breed of changing bags that we see now, they would have jumped at the opportunity. Today changing bags have become a piece of highly specialised kit made for one purpose alone, to service the needs of your little one whilst on the move.


Image courtesy of Vertbaudet

 After the arrival of your baby, the changing bag will become your constant companion, following the pair of you wherever you go. It is important to choose wisely and get the right changing bag for you and baby. Make sure it is big enough to carry all that you need, but not too bulky to become problematic. 

There are a number of things to consider when buying a changing bag. Some of them include features that you may not use, so try and look at as many as you can to find the one that suits your needs. Choose something made to last out of a durable material, because it is really going to see some action! A sturdy shoulder strap or carry handle is essential. When you are carrying baby too, you don’t want to be distracted by an unruly bag.

Look for wipe clean surfaces inside and out because you are guaranteed to get your bag covered in  a variety of baby-related sticky substances. 

Bags with several compartments make sense because they allow you to keep sections separate. For example, you could have a space for a clean set of clothes, a space for clean nappies and baby wipes and also zip-up pouches for soiled nappies and other wet items you need to keep isolated.

Many bags come with a changing mat. You can buy them separately, but if it is specifically made for the bag it is likely to fit and fold down well.


Image courtesy of Vertbaudet

An insulated pouch or pocket to keep bottles and food warm/cool is a useful feature.  Try and look out for easy access pockets on the outside? For convenience, many women choose to ditch their handbags during this time and use the handy pockets on the outside of the changing bag to house their telephone, keys, makeup etc.

Some other useful features to look out for are pushchair clips, anti-bacterial dummy pockets and compartments with magnetic clasps, very useful when you only have one hand free.

I particularly like the Babymoov free hand changing bag at Vertbaudet. Not only is it super-practical and well designed, it is extremely good looking. Now, that’s a change!

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