Competition storm & our stance on it

Ok it would appear that I’ve wandered into a huge competition storm (not something I want to be dealing with on a Sunday morning!) and its made me rethink whether to run competitions on here at all to be honest. Let me clear up a few things for everyone, so hopefully I wont need to reply to lots of messages.

  • All our competitions are drawn at random using Rafflecopter. Anyone could win that has entered as long as they have done the requirements for that entry.
  • I never use a competition where I want you to leave me a story/something funny/picture purely as I don’t want to be drawn into any arguments on sob stories, lies etc.
  • I can’t force people to enter the competition if they only intend to keep the prize. Of course I would love to live in a world where people only enter if its something they want to win, however in reality there are going to be people who enter to try to raise money via other revenues.

So you see we now have a little issue. July sees my blog turn 1 and I want to organise a birthday bonanza, however I’m not prepared to do so if its going to drag the blog into a huge debate I really don’t particularly want to be in. So we have a couple of options:

  • We don’t run any competitions full stop.  This way there are no issues at all.
  • I run them but the winner (selected at random) is the winner. I can’t moderate what the winner does with the prizes & I’m not prepared to ban people in case they are going to sell the prize. So anyone can enter as long as the follow the same rules as everyone else.

Ok there are the options, so without turning this into another debate, I would just like to hear people’s opinions. What would you like to see regarding competitions in future?

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