Cooking With Mummy – 09/09/11 – The outcome

So we’re had a week to attempt out pizza bases from the recipe provided kindly by Utterly Scrummy – please see the original post here.

Here is out outcome –

So first thing first was to get the ingredients & equipment ready – as modelled by ny sou chef!


Then we set to working our magic, we was also joined by Ethan who attempted to help


Then the fun came, adding our toppings! We went for roast chicken, fresh tomatoes, green peppers & jalapeno (as we have from our favourite fast food brand!)

So far so good, then came the fatal flaws – a) I cooked it on baking paper and b) I rolled it too thick! It looked ok though

So i tried again, minus the baking paper but it was still a tad too thick, but the flavours were there, it was yummy! Once we return from holiday we will be doing it again (just a lot thinner) and I cant wait to try it.

Now you’ve seen our attempt please come share yours. Can’t wait to see how they all turned out. Don’t forget to add yours to the linky so others can go see too 🙂 (if the linky is not working please bear with me I’m in Devon on holiday :P)

I hope you and your children all had fun 🙂 and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the next recipe.

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