Counting myself lucky

Those of you following us on the social media pages have seen that we have been a little unfortunate lately and we’re involved in a car accident on Friday.

I had big plans for the weekend as we needed to trial run Kayleigh’s party food. So on Friday we left to drop Daddy at work. Along a single carriageway which we drive most days a can in front of us slammed his anchors on for no real reason. I managed to stop our car however the car behind us didn’t, going straight up the back of us.

I some now managed to bump the car up on to the grass verge whilst Daddy got out to exchange details with the driver behind us. The kids were amazingly brave, I however was a blubbering wreck.

Daddy drove us home as I just couldn’t. I was in so much shock I was just shaking too much.

As soon as we got home I called the insurance company explaining what had happened. I admit, I cried down the phone to the insurance people. I think shock took over for a while.

Almost straight away the headache came to me and throughout the day I got a bit of neck ache, to be honest I put it down to, stress and just brushed it off. Dosing up on pain killers and hoping to wake up feeling a bit better.

However that wasn’t be case.

I had possibly the worst sleep ever and woke up in agony!

After nagging by my parents I rang a local number 111 for advice. They are the stop gap between the doctors and 999. After going through my problems they told me I need to go to A&E within an hour. Thinking it was going to be a lot of fuss over nothing I arranged childcare and got my dad to drop me to the hospital. I told him I’d meet him back at mine in an hour or so… Or so I thought.

This is where it all went downhill!

After the initial assessment they got a consultant to come and see me. They were a little concerned at my lack of feeling in my left arm. Then the whirlwind happened.

I was moved to another bed which they then immobilised me pretty much instantly. I was then sent of for an X-ray to see the extent of the damage.

When I came back from this there was a little of the usual humming and ahhing at the turned out that there was an abnormal spot on the top of my spine, they suspected a fracture.

Following this was lots of prodding and poking, more strapping to hold my head and neck completely still. There was even talks of moving me 40 miles away to Adenbrookes under a specialist care team. However firstly they sent me for a Ct scan to check the damage again.

After 7 hours in A&E they moved me to the ward where we waited for news on my scan. Fortunately they came back all clear, the best news of the day! After being given full instructions on bed rest for at least a week and a bag full of pills I got home to my babies.

Never have I been so relieved to get home in all my life.

So I’m home and recovering in my bed, thank god for wifi and my iPad! Fingers crossed I’m back on my feet in the near future.

One thing I’ve learnt is if in doubt get checked out! Would have saved me so much stress yesterday if I had gone sooner!


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