Creating that family space in a dream garden

As we are heading into the last few weeks of 2018 our topic of conversations (other than Christmas) has turned to the plans for our family in 2019.

Now the last few years have been a bit hectic and it will be nice for us to have a little bit more focus next year on what is priority in the plans to be done.

I always find that the new year start makes me feel like it is a fresh start, it lets you plan for the year and set some big goals. For us it is no different!

We have plans to get the bedrooms sorted early next year, turning it from a 2 bed into a 3-bed bungalow, long term we would like to get an extension however for the time being this would work for us to give everyone a little more space.

Next up on our list though is the garden.

Our garden as it is has served us well in its current format however it is far from ideal in its current layout.

The way our bungalow sits allows us to have a flat garden area down the side and round the back of the bungalow, not very big but big enough for the kids trampoline to go up and us to have space for a BBQ etc. Then beyond that it turns into a bit of a mountain.

Several years ago, we did start to dig it out to start tiering it into 2 tiers as they way it is makes it unusable however we ran out of time and money to carry on.

Next year though we would like to get it into 2 tiers and make it a place we can all enjoy.

So, the kids’ trampoline will move up to the top tier along with a big shed for Daddy Vs Work to keep his BBQ bits and things like his SGS compressor that is just taking up too much space in our smaller shed.

We would then look at the option to put in some raised beds for us to grow a few different fruits and veg for us to all enjoy.

The next tier down would be our relaxing area, a place for the BBQ to go alongside a nice table and chairs set. I imagine it as a place where we can sit and enjoy breakfast in the summer holidays and evenings outside talking and enjoying the warmer evenings.

There is still a long way to go before we reach this however knowing it is not far off makes it even more exciting!

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