Creating a winter wardrobe on a budget

The colder months are just around the corner and you can fill the chill in the air now, but how do you create that winter wardrobe on a tight budget?

If your household is anything like mine, kids have a new wardrobe as they have outgrown last year’s clothes and you are still wearing jeans that you brought 6 years ago….

Love the sales

Fear not though, getting a new winter wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank! Here are my top tips for creating a winter wardrobe on a budget:

  1. Work out what you have – Nothing worse than when you are on a budget (this works for clothes/food the lot!) buying duplicate of what you already have. Write down all the items you have if you can’t remember just till you work out what you need to get.
  2. Be prepared to layer up – Layering up is great over the winter months, especially if you are out and about. So those vest tops from the summer will still be worn throughout the winter months. I have my normal vest tops which I now wear under a variety of jumpers and shawls.
  3. Look out for sales – If you need to still pick a few bits up make sure you look out for sale items. This will really help with keeping the outlay down.

In terms of looking for things in the sale you need to head over to Love the Sales. The have over 700 retailer’s sales up on the blog so there is sure to be one brand that you love. In fact, they have so many retailers on there I am sure that there will be something for everyone especially in the run up to Christmas.

You never know, you may save so much on your wardrobe items that you could treat yourself to a new handbag, in the handbags sale of course!

Love the sales - Winter wardrobe on a budget

What is your top tips for getting a new wardrobe on a budget?

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Creating a winter wardrobe on a budget



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