David Cameron – Step up and sort the fat cats out!

Dear David Cameron,

You probably wont ever read this (however I may send it to number 10 just for the sake of it!) but I think it’s about time you & your so-called government took some action over the fat cats sitting in their nice cars who head up this countries so-called insurance companies.

Yesterday we received our insurance quote & yet again its gone up. Not a little bit, over £200! So now we are expected to pay almost £900 for a car that’s over 8 years old and probably not even worth £2000! Now some people might think “oh that’s not too bad” I forgot to mention that’s with the maximum no claims discount. So tell me why exactly do I have insurance?! As it would seem the less I claim the more I pay so I might as well not bother.

See this probably isn’t an issue for you as your likely to be driven around in a chauffeur driven car paid for by the tax payer & the insurance not needed. Then we have your thieving MP’s who think its their right to claim for every expense under the sun. The likelihood is we (as in the taxpayer) are likely to be paying for their insurance as it’s probably an expense they need to claim as a necessity. Come on, wake up to reality, we’re in the middle of a recession. They should learn to cope on the salary they earn like everyone else & lets face it, it’s not a petty amount like us normal people earn on a day to day basis, with no nice bonus or pensions. 

Do you want to know the feeble reason I was given for insurance increasing? Apparently its gone up across the country due to the amount of fraud claims & injury claims they are having to pay out. So why exactly am I having to pay out for it? Surly as a company you sometimes have to pay out, it doesn’t give you the right to increase my premium if I haven’t claimed.

Also does this mean if I paid my premium one year and the fraud was less than expected that year I would get my money back? No I don’t think so, it means I would still pay the same if not more the following year whilst the insurance company makes a nice profit & the fat cats make a hefty bonus.

Quiet clearly in this country at the minute I did things wrong, I shouldn’t have bothered at school (or now) to gain qualifications to get a good job, to support my family or put myself in debt buying a house. Lets face it, if I hadn’t bothered you would probably support me more than you do now, I would be financially better off & most likely could have been a stay at home mum.

So whilst your comfortable in your nice house & nice car, think of the poor sods who are taking the flack for others when all we do is try to live by the rules.

Working hard & living by this countries rules at the moment is pointless, all it does is cost us money.

Yours sincerely

One very disgruntled working mum

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