Dear Ethan…. Happy 3rd Birthday – An open letter to you

Dear Ethan,

Your finally fast asleep on what is your last night as a 2-year-old (Your sister isn’t as she is excited its you’re birthday!).

I’ve just been in to check on you and your snoring your little head off but smiling away. You’ve been on birthday countdown for the whole week trying to work out how many sleeps you had left until the big day. Ethan Ethan

Guess what, this is it…. the last one! The decorations are up, the presents are out and all we need is for the day to come.

This morning you woke up grinning as we started to get ready for the excitement ahead. You couldn’t wait to get to school so you could wear the birthday hat and let everyone sing Happy Birthday to you but more exciting than that you wanted to give your friends the cakes we had brought.


See you’re a loving little boy who likes to make others happy (just like your sister). Your happier giving cuddle to make people smile than receiving them, you share your treats with Kayleigh even when she’s eaten all hers!


You are also a bright little thing. Since the day you can talk you’ve idolised your big sister but also learnt so much from her and your surroundings. Only this week did you start singing a song about monkeys bouncing on the bed. I’ve never heard it before so you must have learnt it from preschool but you were happily singing away to yourself.


Over the last few months you’ve grown so much but you’ve also come to be a daddies boy. There is nothing you love more than snuggling on the sofa with daddy to play his game or to beat him in the garden at football. More and more each day you are turning into a mini daddy.


Tomorrow is your day. We’re heading out to Legoland to have lots of fun and smiles all day. It is all about family tomorrow and you made ours complete.


Just don’t grow up too quick, your still my little baby and I’m so proud of everything you have done so far and continue to do.

Ethan Ethan


Happy birthday little man.

Lots of love

Mummy, Daddy & Kayleigh