Dear Kayleigh…. Close of one chapter….

Dear Kayleigh,

Today is the eve of you starting your next chapter.

Your journey through education.

I’m feeling a little bit emotional as I feel like it’s the end of a chapter, from tomorrow there is no turning back. That will be you in education for at least the next 11 years, probably longer.


I know though its going to be an amazing journey for you.

You can’t wait to get there tomorrow, you’re excited about all your new friends your going to meet, your new school & wearing your new school uniform.

Plus it has chickens! You just can’t wait for your turn to collect the eggs plus you will be joining in growing vegetables out in the playground.

You have said you will miss Ethan, your partner in crime. You will see each other over the fence at school but I suppose it wont be quiet the same. You have spent most days together for the last 3 years so it will be a little strange. Don’t worry though, next year he will be joining you at your big school.

I suppose I’m just feeling a little sad that my baby is growing up.I remember your face full of fear when you started preschool. You was clinging to me, crying you didn’t want to go in.

Now look at you! So full of confidence. You have grown and changed so much over the last 2 1/2 years.

You’re a clever little girl, full of smiles and fun. You do have your moments, a little diva in fact at times.


I just wanted to let you know that you will blossom and grow so much over the next few years. Becoming more and more independent and learning so much.

Take it all in, listen, learn, grow and enjoy. This is your time to shine.

Just don’t forget that Daddy and I are here to pick you up and help you along when you need us and always will be.

We are super proud of you and I’m sure you will do amazing over the next few years.

Enjoy your first day at school.


Mummy xx

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