Dear Kayleigh…. Happy 14th Birthday

Dear Kayleigh…. Happy 14th Birthday

Dear Kayleigh,

Happy 14th birthday sweetheart!

It seems complete madness that you are 14 already, I just don’t know where the time has gone and I am a little scared that it is running away. You have already started in year 9 and this year is the year that you get to pick your GCSE choices. That for you it tough going, after all, like most people your age, you are undecided about what you want to be when you grow up and do you know what that is fine. Many people as they get older don’t know what career they want either and that is ok too! Just pick subjects that you love and enjoy, that way you know you will do your best when the time comes.

The last year has been busy for you too, you have become vice house captain in your year group, you are on the netball team, rounders team and athletics team as well as just starting out your Duke of Edinburgh awards. When you were younger, you never wanted to participate in anything, now you are growing up, you are starting to want to be involved in lots of different things and it feels as though it is becoming the taxi of mum and dad!

School is still going well for you, apart from the fact you hate French lessons but that has been the case since you started high school really! Unfortunately, we all have to do things we are not keen on in life to get to what we need to do (I mean I am not keen on getting up early every day for work but have to!) and you know there is an end in sight with it so just plough on with it.

14 is a funny age, you are no longer a baby but still not an adult. There are so many different things that will change between now and next year, all you need to do is remember to stay true to yourself. You have your own little quirky personality and style sense and let that stay. It will change as you get older, but embrace being you and not feeling like you need to match in with the “in crowd”.

Don’t ever stop being kind-hearted and loving and make sure you follow your dreams and passions, even when it is a little scary if your friends are choosing other paths. Good friends stick around even if the journey is different!

Lots of love

Mummy & Daddy xx

Dear Kayleigh.... Happy 14th Birthday Dear Kayleigh.... Happy 14th Birthday Dear Kayleigh.... Happy 14th Birthday